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You are Divine, Beautiful and Magnificent |

You are Divine, you are beautiful, you are magnificent. Yes, You! You are. You are a masterpiece of co-creation between you and Creation itself.  Everything that you are is in perfection. If it doesn’t look perfect or feel perfect, then it is leading to something more perfect.

You, my dear one, are an individualized expression of the Universe, whole and complete. There is nothing wrong with you and you are not broken. You have a body, you have a life, but neither of those things define, they are only part of the package, the outer coverings for the Soul that you are.

We are here to discover the deeper parts of ourselves, those that are indeed perfect.  We are here to connect with and express our Essence.  Our Essence is the Truth of who we are and who we are becoming, way beyond the physical reality of life on this planet we call earth.  Our Essence can be discovered as we let go of limiting thoughts, as we release all the old stories and beliefs we’ve had for millennia, those of unworthiness, separation, not being good enough or loved enough.

It’s time to STOP the nonsense of false beliefs. It’s time to step into your Glory!  The Truth of You!  It’s already there, like the David that Michelangelo revealed as he chipped away at the marble block. Imagine that you and all of your experiences are a beautiful block of marble and that the discover and revelation of your Essence is like chipping away all that does not represent the True You?

Some of the chips will be removing unworthiness, not being enough, beliefs of not being enough or loved. You know your beliefs, are you ready to let them so, so you can step into a true sense of being?

We are being called into Oneness, into Wholeness.  The only way there, is to surrender and transcend the false.  Let it go!  Come into a conscious awareness, step onto a conscious journey of letting go. You might be asked to let go of fear or anger, guilt or blame. You will most definitely be asked to release all the shame that hides out in the darkness.  Shed the fears, shed the limits and step into your Divine!

Will you take the challenge?  Will you be willing to let go of the old for the greater, richer, more enhanced new You?  I am here to guide you along your way.

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You are Divine, wake up and realize it!  You are Divine, magnificent, brilliant. It’s in there already, just waiting to be revealed!

Much love,

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