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Wholeness – Spiritual Practice |

You are perfect, whole and complete.  You are a divine expression of creation itself.  You are here to make manifest the glory of God by embracing the truth, by bringing the fullness of your body forward into the world and making a difference with your love, light and gifts.

We live in a world that does not typically recognize wholeness.  Rather it focuses on lack and limitation and differences.  Our world thrives on drama and conflict and the TV images of what it looks like to be successful and happy.

When we get caught up in the world we often feel unworthy, less than and not good enough.

It is time to break out of those habit patterns and beliefs and remember wholeness.

You are whole, complete, beautiful, radiant, worthy and perfect just as you are.

When we can tap into touch and then begin to know this, our very lives will change.  We will be introduced to a world beyond the one you see now.

Our master teacher, Jesus said, ‘You shall know the Truth and the truth shall set you free!”

The truth is wholeness, not brokenness. Come to know this part of ourselves as the truth. B ring it forth into all aspects of your life and consciousness.  But how, you might be asking, when I feel so unworthy at my core?  Take a stand for yourself.  Try this as a practice and see how it might impact your sense of wholeness.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Connect to your heart; through your feet to the ground and through your crown to the sun.  Breathe a few deep, long, slow breaths and relax into a space greater than you.

Feel the expansion of your Spirit.  Imagine seeing all aspects of yourself as if from above.  With your imagination take a deep dive down through the man layers to find a golden nugget right at the center of your core.

Grab a hold of this nugget like a prize.  It is more precious than any gemstone.  As you hold it, look at it with awe and wonder.  Allow it to fill you with a deep sense of peace.  The more you honor this nugget, the more it grows and expands. This nugget will reveal to you, your innate wholeness and worthiness.  You realize you are perfect, whole, complete, just as you are – at your core. 

When you are ready, gently place this nugget of Truth in your heart and let it grow.  Let it transcend and replace everything unlike it.  You are whole – there is nothing broken about you.  You are love.  You are loved now and forever more.

Let this new truth of wholeness work in your consciousness.  There may be many beliefs and patterns to be replaced, but work it play with it and allow your life to be transformed.    I am whole.  I am wholeness.  Wholeness is my nature and innate state of being.  I am perfect, whole and complete.

In wholeness,

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