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When Opposing Emotions Collide |

I’m grieving… again…

Seems like most weeks (if not more frequently) I see something that shatters my heart. From gun violence to racism to the most recent tear-gassing of

innocent people at our Mexican


I’m appaled, horrified and stunned that we as a nation can treat people in the ways that we do!

Then a few minutes later… I’m watching a facebook video about a man who rode his bike across the country to hear meet the recipent of his daughter’s heart – to listen to her heartbeat in the young man who received it. Check the video out here.

I’m crying again, weeping in awe, gratitude, amazement and deep compassion. I’m stunned again – for the medical advancement that allows for such things as organ transplants, for the generosity of a dad, who’s young daughter died; for the young man who received the heart and the emotion of the meeting.

It occurs to me that I need to talk about this – not either event, specifically; but what happens when opposing emotions collide and how to navigate it.

I did so in a brief (7 minute) video here.  And there is so much more to say… So stay tuned for future posts and videos about what happens in the brain and being. (I only addressed the heart here).

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Be blessed!


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