Divine Awakening

life is magical

What we are moving through… |

A short poetic writing of the times.

What we are moving through

The peace that we seek is within us.

The ease that we yearn for is within us

The quantum, next level, miraculous world is just a breath away.

So, why is it so hard?

Only because we resist it – only because collectively there are still repressed emotions in our subconscious.

Only because we think we know something and therefore we are attached to it.

Can you let go? Can you allow? Can you accept?

Drop it all and find the stillpoint

Drop the thought by allowing it

Drop the emotion by feeling it

Drop beneath the noise and find yourSelf

The awakening process arises from the place of peace.

Whereby then the old attachments begin to drop away.

Old beliefs dismantle

Old emotional patterns dissolve

And you find a deeper space of allowing.

A womb

Birthing of the new arises

New humanity now –

Kindness, compassion, love, expansion, innovation

Creativity, beauty, freshness

Find it – quicken it – lift it – Become it!




It’s new, its aligned, its coherent.

What we are moving through is a birth canal to the New

Feel it. Allow it. Become it.

New Humanity Now!

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