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Welcome to December |

It’s December, officially the last month of 2015, the beginning of Advent and the Christmas season is well under way. 

If you could set an intention right now, as to how you are going to navigate this next month, wrapping up 2015 and kicking off 2016, what would it be?

Do you feel the stress and burden of a holiday busyness?  How do you feel about your 2015 goals, dreams, visions and desires?  Are you heading into fresh, happy, healthy and wealthy?  If so, awesome!  Keep it up and float through or even pick it up and finish strong!

But if you are struggling, let’s take a moment to identify and choose how you would like to be moving through into the New Year.    What would it be for you?  Strong? Healthy? Wealthy? Balanced? Motivated? Centered? Calm? Peaceful? Joyous? Productive? Rested? Fulfilled?

Choose a word or phrase for yourself as an intention.  Now turn it into an affirmation.  One I’m using as part of a challenge, I’m in is: “I’m happy, healthy, wise and loved.”  Another is: “It’s my time! My Vision is clear!” 

Create a statement for yourself and use it as a mantra or touchstone.  Put a great piece of music on and dance it into your being.  Use it, not as a mental exercise, or empty words, but allow them to integrate into all aspects of your being. 

Feel them come alive into the cells of your being and ignite that in you.  Turn on your vibrational match to the words you choose and work it! 

Create in and from your new vibration.  Play with it, feel it and nurture it as already done, every day – morning, noon and night.  Let the mantra be your guiding light through this month and into the New Year.

If you’d like some assistance breaking the life-long patterns, dissolving the holds of old learned behavior or creating new more fulfilling pathways, contact me for a free conversation about new possibilities!

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