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We are deep into the holiday season and the pressure is on.  Can you feel it?  Does it get you down?  The shopping, the parties, the extended families???

Man Tangled in Christmas Lights

Are you aware of your life-long habits and patterns that get triggered around the holiday time?

Are you ready to RELEASE the energetic that keeps you stuck?

Are you ready for Quick RELIEF???


Are you experiencing that frustrating, immovable block that sneaks up and gets you every year, time after time?

For the Holidays – I’m offering –


Perfect for you if you are hitting up against that same pattern and habit.  If you need a “quick fix”, attunement or adjustment.  Perfect if you’ve already done work with me and want a new touchstone, a reminder, and a quickening of your vibration. Perfect to clear any new, unnecessary blocks to free you for the new year.  Purchase by Dec 24, schedule between now and Jan 31, 2016.

Purchase NOW,         

Holiday Quick Blast!

Three Sessions for Only $400

to blast out life-long patterns and free you to BE who you are here to BE!

What you will receive:

  •       Immediate Relief!
  •       Instant Release of life-long patterns
  •       Clarity and space to breathe easier and respond authentically 

Questions Frequently Asked:

  1.  Is it painful?  No, the process is quite easy and lasting
  2. Does it last?  Yes, because we are accessing the core issue, the effects and results are lasting and forever cleared
  3. Why would I do more?  Even though the effects are lasting, there may be related threads that can also be dissolved and cleared

Three Sessions for Only $400!

Sign Up Now!   Limited time offer:    

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