Walk – About Virtual Trip

New Zealand and Australia

Join the Walk-About Virtual Tour Now! February – March 2020 – from the comfort of your own home!

I’m heading to New Zealand and Australia early in February – and many of you indicated how much you wish you could go…

So – I designed a way to join! It’s simple! It’s easy! It’s affordable!

But first… A Little about the invitation.

In less that three weeks, I’m off on another grand adventure!  It’s been a dream in the making for a long time. Now – it’s here!

I’m inspired to invite you along!  (Thanks to my friend, Mary Lunnen for the inspiration.)

Some might say (and many have…) Why now?  With the fires, devastation and everything – why would you go now?

I say – perhaps we are going to help! The trip is planned  – with a retreat scheduled, cruise tickets purchased, speaking and workshop on the calendar. But more even than the logistics and practicalities – I’m called to go Now! 

There’s another great shift happening in me and this is a part of it, I’m certain. And there’s something happening that is bigger than me!

It doesn’t have to make sense – I listen deeply and follow the call! Just like I have my entire adult life.

It’s a new becoming.

It feels almost like a new species in humanity – it’s been brewing since Birth 2012, but now it’s really here! The power, the magic, the fun, the sparkle, the impact – its all here – Now!

Come along for the ride! I’m sure it will be brilliant!

Fasten your seat belts – hold on and let go!  And Let’s Go!

Very soon, I’ll be getting on the first of a few flights; heading into a great unknown – open, receptive, generous Now! 

I’d love to take you with me!

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