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Universal Law of Increase |

Are you hungry for more?  More purpose, more passion, more connection? It is a completely normal and natural part of life on this planet.

I’m always looking for the next best thing, the next adventure, the next idea, the next opportunity. I have wondered at some point if my ever continual seeking was an indicator that I wasn’t happy with my life as it is.  I’m teaching people about accepting and allowing what is to be ok.

As I look deeper, however, what I notice is that I’m completely happy with what is.  I love my life and the more I love it, the more I seek more.  So, what is that?

It is the universal Law of Increase. It’s been spoken by many teachers, scientists, spiritual leaders over the centuries. In one of the courses I teach, we use Wallace Wattles’, Science of Getting Rich as a text and exploratory study.  He has a chapter with this subject as the title.

He says the Law of Increase “is the urge of the Formless intelligence within (them) seeking fuller expression.” It is a fundamental impulse of the universe.

One of my first spiritual teachers, Emilie Cady spoke about desire in her book, Lessons In Truth. She said desire is simply God knocking at the door of your heart, calling you to more good.

Scientists tell us that we are either increasing or decreasing; we are either experiencing more life or less life.

What is it in you that you desire more of?  It doesn’t have to be material wealth, it can be creativity, beauty, quiet soul time. Some of us have a hard time wanting more wealth because it doesn’t feel spiritual or it feels dirty of some old worn out belief system, but in reality, the desire for more wealth is simply the desire for a more abundant life. With wealth, it is easier to live the way your heart desires. With wealth, you can have the adventures you seek, you can give and help the world as the impulse hits you, you can be relaxed and free. Who doesn’t want more of that?  Relaxation and Freedom.

What if you were to focus on the Law of Increase?  What could you give more of?  How could you give more than is expected in order to open the channels of more good coming to you?

Could you be a little kinder? Could you give more love, more lightness or laughter? Could you see every transaction that you participate in, being blessed by more than the money being exchanged?  Give the thought of increase to every person you meet.

Seek the places that your soul longs for more and begin to use the law of increase in that area. This is the law of increase. Become familiar with it and see what magic begins to happen in your life.

Are you hungry for more?  Awesome!  Post a comment below and let me know what you area you are seeking increase in.

Much love!


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