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This moment in time… |

It’s officialy late April now, and there is still so much happening in our world!

Most of us are on lock-down of some sorts. People’s emotions are at an all time “FEEL” – meaning, most of us are feeling all kinds of emotions – the entire range of them.

I’m wondering, though…

If you are like me and are sensing the miraculous? If you are feeling the impulse beneath the outer reality? If you are one who knows that this current situation is Birthing A New Humanity?

I feel it in my bones. And I am finding evidence every day that others – lots of others are feeling it too!

Because of that – because of YOU – I’m gathering a Tribe, a collective of awakening folks who know it, even when they can’t see it.

Check it out – New Humanity Now

For a limited time, I’m offering a Charter Member’s price – good for LIFE – If NOW is the TIME – click through!

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