Divine Awakening

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The Virtual Center for Divine Awakening! |

Feeling Disconnected? 

  • from your Self, Spirit, or Others?
  • from your deeper purpose and passion?

Experiencing an inner void or restlessness that you can’t quite describe?

  • Feeling that there is more for you? 
  • Wondering if these is all there is… 

Desiring consistent, structured support on your spiritual journey?

Do you identify as

  • Spiritual, but not Religious
  • Being part of the growing numbers of the Non-Churched
  • Walking in the space between being Woo-woo and being a non-believer?

Here’s the Solution for you!  A community that includes:

  • Weekly Inspirational Messages,
  • Opportunities for discussion with other members
  • Monthly MasterClass Live on Zoom with varying spiritual topics
  • Monthly (or more frequently) Open Heart Meditations Live on Zoom

What is it??? –   It’s the Epitome of Ministry Without Walls – A Non-Church 

  • A virtual community of Spiritually-minded individuals
  • A source of regular inspirational
  • Sacred space to grow together in spiritual awareness
  • Practical, tools, tips, techniques to support your Awakening!
    • If you are a spiritual person, seeking more support and a closer community to learn, explore and grow with
    • If you desire to be part of the next generation of spiritual community
    • If you know there has been something missing and you are willing to find it!

  • It’s Virtual, so you can access the materials and the group at your convenience, anytime, anywhere.
  • Sunday Evening Weekly Inspiration – LIVE on Facebook and Zoom.
  • Each week I’ll be giving a “talk” based on a spiritual princple or addressing what’s up in the world.


My bold stand for my work in the world is for a World Awakening! I stand for greater awake-ness, love, light, joy and peace in the world. I stand for spiritual awakening for all people – that each and every one on the planet might know her/his worth, value, brilliance and Essence in ways that bring forth all and only the best. I stand for equality for all – no matter the color of you skin, who or what you worship, political affiliations, who you love or anything else that has been judged as different.

It is my deepest intention to create, along with YOU, a community that stands together for Love! Who stand together for Awakening! Who are supportive, compassionate, kind and joy-filled, no matter what life brings.

How Can you Participate???

Weekly Inspiration and Discussion

Sundays,  at 7 pm Mountain time

It all begins with weekly inspiration and discussion, accessible to everyone. available on a subscription or a donation basis. Join here for free.  (Membership benefit!)

Want to be part of the ground level, leading edge of the next generation of Spiritual Community?  

Join the “Founders Circle Membership” 

  Members receive:

  • Weekly Inspiration
  • LIVE Discussions 
  • Monthly Master Classes  
  • Monthly (or more) Meditation to take the teachings deeper 
  • Recordings of all teachings, classes and meditations

Join the Founders Circle NOW by Clicking Here.  Investment for Members is $47/month –

  • Hungry for community?
  • Craving consistent spiritual support?
  • A non-church person and missing aspects of it?
  • Yearning for your deeper Awakening?

Join the Founder’s Circle Club ($47/month) or

Join the Community (free)-

Want More???   Consider the Mastermind Feature!

Imagine a small group of committed people joining for deep dives, clearings and activations twice a month.

Imagine a supportive, structured container for ongoing growth and expansion.

Imagine being part of this group, where you were seen, witnessed and honored, no matter what is showing up in your life.

Imagine being able to share your fears, doubts equally as well as your success and gratitudes.

In addition to all that is included in Membership, the MasterMind Circle aspect includes an additional two gatherings each month for personalized support, connection and community.

Each Mastermind Circle will meet two times/month for a quarter. Enrollment opens quarterly. A six-month commitment is required, and annual suggested.

Investment – $227/month  – Register Here