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The Power of Questions |

We all ask questions and we all run questions and scenarios through our minds.  What are the quality of your questions?  Do you bring an awareness to your questioning? It can make all the difference in your world and reality if you are conscious when you choose your questions.

For example if you are asking questions like:

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  • How am I going to get through this?
  • How Can I get him/her to change?
  • What’s the point?
  • Why can’t I get motivated?
  • Why can’t I change this…..
  • What if….
    • It goes wrong
    • I don’t get the job
    • The money runs out
    • Something happens
    • The world is falling apart

These are questions common to many of us, but ones that don’t necessarily spark a desire or expansion or energy to move forward.  In fact, most of the time this type of questions leads us down a dark tunnel of contraction, lack or even despair.

If we become conscious, if we bring an awareness of the types of questions that we ask it can lead to the discovery of possibilities.  We can come into an open and expanded place.

These are called highly calibrated question, and are solution based.

  • What can I do to thrive in this situation?
  • What can I do to be more impactful?
  • How can I bring life to this project?
  • How can I communicate in a way that brings greater connection?
  • What can I do to generate money today?
  • What if…
    • It all goes right?
    • It works?
    • I can?
  • What can I do to better prepare for the position I want?
  • If I could, what would I do?

Highly calibrated question on what we want rather than on what we don’t want are generative, expansive and fun to consider.  They are creative, energizing and proactive.

Pay attention to the questions you are asking and begin to shift them.  Move your energy into an expansive place that leads to infinite possibilities.  Play with it and see what happens.  The formatting of questions just might change your life.   What do you think could be possible?

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