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The Holy Pause |

Take a pause, right now. Take a breath, a holy breath. A deep long, cleansing breath. Exhale. Take another and this time in your exhale, img_20161014_143300475-169x300-9267378let it be long and slow and full. When you think you are at the end of your breath, exhale some more.

I love this time of year between Christmas and the New Year. I call it the time of the Holy Pause. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the year that is ending in preparation for the Burning Bowl Ceremony typically done on New Year’s Eve or the fist Sunday in January, and to prepare for the White Stone Ceremony the following week.

There are times still when I miss being in ministry – this is one of them. Oh, not so much the Christmas Eve and Christmas Sundays but I love these two ceremonies so much!

holy-pause-300x300-7818513Before the Burning Bowl, in this time of Holy Pause, we take time out of the busy schedule to reflect, to look back and to feel into what your successes were and are and to look at things not quite accomplished. We take a look at the places we might have regret or disappointment and clean those up. We remember to celebrate all the blessings.  In the Holy Pause, we give ourselves permission to do just that, take a pause. To move away from the typical work week and the busy of the season to simply be.

My friend and colleague Lauren McLaughlin, recently posted on facebook, this wonderful idea of Mind Grazing.  Here’s her full post.

Note to self: Make time soon for Mind Grazing. Mind Grazing is one of my favorite activities because it releases my thoughts to go anywhere they want to go without judgment. A totally opposite activity to Meditation, which foster the shutting down of thought to allow for Divine Listening.- Mind Grazing encourages thought to take any path it chooses, often opening lines of creativity (extreme day-dreaming) that we consciously tend to suppress. Mind grazing can be accomplished in minutes or it can take hours but it requires both a quiet space and at least perceived privacy. Can’t wait for my next time to Mind Graze. Lauren McLaughlin on Facebook, Dec 26, 2016 at 5:48 pm.


I so totally love this idea and am practicing it this week.

Take time for yourself this week, perhaps practice a session or two of mind grazing, or read my book, Falling Into Ease! Either way, make the most out of a pause in the calendar.

For you, I wish time for a Holy Pause, time for Mind Grazing and a brilliant relaxation of your body, mind and spirit in the process!

In-Joy and With Ease,


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