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I am One with God and in that oneness, I need do nothing. It is mine by divine right and it is already here.

I recently read of a women who was on death row who began to contemplate God rather than the impending doom facing her. As her relationship with Spirit deepened it overtook her consciousness as being the Supreme Reality, and profound changes began to happen.  She discovered within her God that gives life. She began to sing praises.

Over time things that should never happen did – she was allowed time outside in the yard, she was allowed to join the prison Choir; her death sentence became a life sentence and eventually she was freed from the prison system. Today she is free.

In fact, she was freed the moment she turned to God.

I’ve spent my life turning to God. I know without a doubt that I’m One with God. That Spirit guides and directs my very being. What I have noticed lately, however is that I’m getting in my way again.  I’ve slowly, sort of like taking a light dose of poison have gotten caught up in thinking I have to do things on my own.

Specifically in my business, I want to follow the advice and coaching of the people I’ve hired. This morning, I realized I had made them gods. I listen, I meditate, I journal every single day and have for over 30 years. Today, I dropped deeper once again. I realized this is a significant piece that I’ve been missing.

Over the years, I’ve loved leading the deeper spiritual dives, the intensive meditative weekends, the Shift Breakthrough groups. I’ve loved taking and facilitating a group of people to go deep into Spirit, allowing the invisible support to shift and change the consciousness of the group that is gathered.

I miss that. My heart and souls misses the intimacy group consciousness work provides. It is so easy to be happy with what is (it’s also easy to be unhappy with what is).  What is deeper than that? For me, life is good – really good in so many ways. But what is yearning to be expressed next, that’s the question.

For today, I’m giving up thinking about it and trying to figure it out. Today, I’m placing myself firmly once again in the center of Spirit and I’m placing Spirit once again in the center of my business. I’m diving in to explore again my deeper “Why”, my deeper Love.

In-Joy and With Ease,


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