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“I surrender, I surrender, I surrender all.” 

I surrender my limiting beliefs, my automatic (and not always so pretty) reactions, and my need to control life to that which is greater than me.  To that which is love – the power and presence that permeates, penetrates the interspaces of the universe.

I surrender my smallness to my greatness.

I surrender my personality to my divinity.

I surrender my pettiness to a deeper love and compassion.

I surrender all.

Surrender has a number of concepts that we can unpack.  At first glance it looks like a weakness, something we would only do as a last resort, just before losing the battle.

But taking the idea of surrender into a spiritual practice, it becomes our greatest strength.  If we believe that we are spiritual beings living in a human condition, it goes to imply that our Beingness is greater than our smallness.

I can feel your reactions already – you aren’t small!!!  What if though, cosmically we know, in Spirit we are all One with the infinite.  Compared to the all, the physical bodies we inhabit are simply small by comparison, containers.

Envision a measuring cup holding the ocean.  The ocean remains as large as always, the container itself is small by nature and definition.

Back to our human experience.  By taking on a body we contain our souls.  By being in a body, we take on the idea of separation, limiting beliefs, knowings and the experience of humanity causes us to shrink once again.  We tend to fight or resist or struggle against life itself.

The idea of surrender is about surrendering the struggle for ease.  It is about giving up that which causes pain and suffering for a greater truth.

The greatest truth is the Universe is Love.  Only love is real. We are love. Love is the only answer.

     For today, take the idea of surrender into consideration.  Give up the fight, struggle and battle.  Let it go.  There is only love. The rest is illusion.  Surrender my dear, surrender.

     Let go and surrender in a blanket of peace, quiet and love.  Let that blanket wrap you up and ease your pain. Let it wash away your suffering. 

    You are Love, you are enough, you are worthy, simply because you are. 

Surrender into that which is greater than you and your situations.  As you do, feel the love and support of the Universe rising up to not only meet you, but also lift you into a new place of being, one that is rich with love, support and acceptance.


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