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Surrender Into Flexible |

Surrender into flexible!  

Those words came out of my mouth recently and did I need to hear them.  My life is so amazing and incredible right now, I have absolutely nothing to complain about, no worries to speak of, no stress from the outer world and I’m living this life of my dreams.

And then…  something can still happen. For me, it is usually technology based.  I teach an online course that is internet and video based on Monday evenings.  It’s been a wonderful teacher and I’ve learned so much!  Today, as I’m preparing all of the many steps, ensuring that it will all go as planned, my computer won’t turn on.

Feel into that experience with me for a moment.  The whole thing, won’t turn on.  My class is in a few hours and I have plenty of prep time downloading the videos, sending the weekly email and many additional details.

Oh No!  Ok, breathe…. Walk away, I’m sure it will come on in a moment or two.  I try everything I know including distracting myself.  Nothing.

So, I remember the concept of surrender, one I’m familiar with but often disappears from my toolbox in stressful moments.

I call in my husband, who knows how to turn on a computer and tell him I need his help and prayers!

Ultimately it does come back on, with some weird messages, strange windows open and a completely charged battery. (I had thought perhaps the charger wasn’t working.)

A couple of hours later, everything looks good and I’m scared to let it go to sleep or turn it off, so I’m doing everything I know to stay connected and awake.

There’s a metaphor for you.  I’m doing everything I can to stay connected to Source and awake!  A new way of living!

Surrender into flexible.  When things aren’t going exactly the way you’d like or planned can you surrender?  Can you become flexible?  They are both spiritual tools and muscles that can be developed and strengthened with practice.

I find engaging the physical body helps me to do both.  To surrender:  Stand up and let go, relax the body and take a deep breath in then exhale completely.  Drop your shoulders and open your palms.  Feel your feet on the ground and let the energy flow all the way through to the earth.

To Become Flexible:  Stand and stretch.  Reach your arms up and over your head.  Reach behind you and to your toes.  Stretch side to side and feel the flexibility in your body move into your mind and being.  Stretch your rib cage from side to side to experience a deeper flexibility and to begin to create space.

I find the practice of surrender to be so easy when I’m surrendered and so difficult when I’m not, but surrendering into the flexible gives me another option.  It is sort of like, instead of letting go, I’m only shifting my awareness to something different.  What would it be like to be flexible right now?

Oh, that feels better.  Ah, I can see options now, where before all I could see was a blank wall.

Try it with me:  Surrender into Flexible!

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