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Surfing as a Life Lesson |

And it takes a lot of that work getting far drew-farwell-634768-unsplash-300x295-5006361 enough out into the ocean to enjoy the surfing.

Seems a bit like life to me.

No, I wasn’t actually on the surf board as I received these lessons – I was watching!

Recently I was blessed by spending time at Turtle Bay Resort, in Oahu, Hawaii. It was a beautiful resort that is positioned at the end of a point. On the one side there is a quiet beach with not too many waves; perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Just on the other side, however is the perfect surfing area. The waves were big, the water beautiful and the scenery exquisite.

As we’ve already determined, I’m not a surfer, but I did enjoy watching!

Here’s my initial thoughts:

And similar thoughts expounded upon…

jeremy-bishop-517573-unsplash-300x200-5851177One day as I was watching one particular gal, I came across these realizations. She was working really hard to get out beyond the smaller waves in order to catch the big one.

At first she was paddling along and with each wave, she gently rode the crest and came out a bit further along. It looked easy and enjoyable.

Then a wave came that she wasn’t able to ride across; instead she crashed through it, coming out the other side, sitting up and wiping her face! She looked beat up and like she had to catch her breath. Yet she kept going.

After a few more crashing through the crest, on the next one, she did something I’d not seen before. She saw it coming, grabbed her board with two hands, took a big breath and rolled over onto her back with the surfboard on top of her. It was fascinating to watch. She came through that wave, rolled over and began paddling again.

Interesting, she had found an easier way through the storm of the wave cresting. Then she did something else. She saw another, perhaps bigger wave coming and this time she took a breath, grabbed onto her board and dove down deep below the wave. Again, she came out unscathed.

It was at this point that I began my metaphysical musings.

Surfing is a bit like life. Here is the translation.

  1. Like surfing, we chose to come to this life. We knew it would be some work, but we also knew that the life experiences would be worth it! That sometimes the greatest joys would come after the greatest challenges.
  2. Sometime, like a wave can hit a surfer without warning – life can give us waves, and bumps and crashes too. It’s all part of it – there is nothing wrong; nor did you do anything wrong to deserve it.
  3. Rolling over onto your back makes the hit easier to get through. I translate this to taking a rest; doing what you need to do to get through the day when the days are tough.
  4. Diving Deep – This is one of my most popular sayings, “Drop beneath…”. Drop below the mind and into the body; drop below the chaos to find the peace or ease or at least relief.
  5. Keep going. Do not give up. Keep going and you will get to the other side of the waves; you will get to where you can turn around and ride the wave of your lifetime!
  6. If you crash, simply get back up on that board called life and go again. Sure, take a breather, notice what you notice and try to do better.
  7. And most of all – Enjoy the Ride! Enjoy the ride out to catch the waves; enjoy the ride back in. Enjoy all that life has to offer you in any given day.

If life has been a little tough for you recently; take a breath – katie-rodriguez-624007-unsplash-300x225-2425006get the support you need; rest when you need to and keep going!  This too will pass and another fabulous wave will be right behind you – ready to sail you to the life of your dreams.

If you’d like support – please don’t hesitate to schedule a “Get to Know you Chat” – an opportunity for you to share what’s going on, I’ll offer some suggestions and then if appropriate I can share some possible pathways for you!

Here’s to Surfing through life – the bigger the waves, the better the ride!


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