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Sunday Sabbath |

Sunday Sabbath – in the beginning when creation created the earth; the sun and the moon and the stars; the land and the seas; the plants and animals and humans; in the beginning when it was all created there was time for rest. Rest and reflection. This is called the Sabbath. It wasn’t so much that God was worn out and tired like we get at the end of the week, but it was more like:

Ahhh, look, at the beauty. Look at the miracles; Enjoy this moment for it is Good.

Sunday (or whatever day you choose) Sabbath is vital to our spirits and souls as much as our bodies. How many of us run too hard, work too long, push too fast? How many of us really take the time for stillness?

I know even me, this morning as I was sitting, instead of simply sitting, I got on Facebook and started scrolling. While that is fun and sometimes entertaining and certainly mind-less activity at times; it is not Sabbath.

Sabbath for me is quiet, it is sitting still for time. It is easy conversation, going with the flow. It is paying attention to that which is greater than me. The sun, the moon, the trees, the waters. It is noticing the birds and squirrels and chipmunks. It is watching at wonder at the hummingbirds and butterflies. It is basking in the glory of the beauty of the moment.

Even if life happens to be hard at the moment, or even if it is showing up exquisitely, sitting in Sabbath allows the time and space for the body to relax, the soul to catch up and the Spirit to simply Be. It can be like putting your mind in a time-out. No thinking today. Some light daydreaming perhaps, but no figuring it out, no struggle in thought.

Lay it down for today and look around at something you don’t normally notice. I’m not talking about the dust on the window sill, or the dirt on the floor. Look outside, look within. Look for the beauty of Spirit.

It’s Sunday Sabbath time – what will you do to nurture your Spirit, Soul, Body and give your mind a rest today?

In-Joy, With Ease and LAUGHTER,


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