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Staying Stuck Stinks |

Do you ever feel stuck?  I know I do.  Sometimes in this amazing, crazy, busy, wacky life we live, things get ahead of us and we lose the sense of flow and ease.  I know I do.  I think part of what is going on is the interdimensional shift that we are making.  We are coming into the age where we truly are living and leading more with our hearts and souls than our heads.  When we do that, we are so blessed, seeing the wonders and the flow and the world makes a bit of sense.

Then we slip out of our hearts – our egos are tricky, sneaky little things – and life appears to be crazy again, we struggle and suffer.  We bump up against the old beliefs or barriers that we so thought we’d dealt with already.  Yet, there they are as strong and secure as before, causing us to question once again.  What is up with that?  We know better.  We have healed, or at least dealt with this issue before.  Why oh why is it showing up again?

Only for a deeper healing, is what I would have said in the past.  Now, I think it is a bit different.  I believe that in the shift from the reality of the world that we live in to the world of spirituality; from the 3rd dimension to the 5th, there is a fine line that is quite profound.  As we begin making the shift into our deeper hearts we land there more.  There being peaceful, directed, guided, on course, in the flow and at ease.  But we haven’t eliminated or transcended all the old yet.
The work is the same, but once we have stepped over the line it becomes much simpler.  I found that when I was first doing clearing work it was excruciating and painfully hard.  Now, I only have to choose.  I got caught in something this morning.  I was stepping out into a new way of doing things and my old stuff got bumped up against and caused me to notice I was in suffering, overwhelm and was entering a spin.

I caught it!  And I was able to stop it before it gained momentum.  I spoke into it with acknowledgement and allowance as opposed to resistance.  I did the work to clear it. Then I consciously stood up and spun for a moment; visualized a line on the floor and stepped over it back into my heart, into peace and the 5th dimension of being.

You too, can have the peace you desire and deserve.  You, too can break through the old habits, barriers, obstacles that catch you in their snare.  It’s time.  It’s available and it will change your life.

Try it right now.  Let the thing that is up, or just below the surface come into your awareness.  Stand up and draw a big circle around yourself including the issue and let it flow and fill the circle.  This might feel a bit overwhelming in itself, since we try so hard to keep it at bay, but let it expand.  Now when you are ready, take a big giant step right outside the circle.  As you step outside of the circle of your issue, step into the place of peace, centeredness.  You can keep stepping until you feel total peace.  Look back at the circle and see it, still there, but no longer running you.

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