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Staying in Ease isn't Easy – or is it? |

It’s not easy staying in Ease – or is it?

My book, Falling Into Ease is making its splash into the world and I’m immersed in the idea of ease – go figure.

And I wanted to mention something that not everyone is aware of. This process of birthing a book is not easy – at all.

Like the process of birthing a child – it’s simply not easy. Think about it for a moment, first there is the fertilization of an egg in the mother’s womb. Then the invisible happenings begin happening. I was talking with a young woman this week who is currently 11 weeks pregnant and very much looking forward to a time when she isn’t nauseous. She is excited about having a baby and it’s not fun for her at this stage in the pregnancy.

Those of us who have been through it can encourage her. We can assure her that it will get easier, you will feel better, but until she actually does, it’s all theory.

So, just in case you might be thinking that I’ve mastered the Ease in all aspects of my life and I don’t every struggle about anything ever anymore, let me set the record straight. I am just like you – some days are filled with greater ease than others. Perhaps one slight difference is that I’ve had more conscious practice in “falling into ease” on demand, or remembering to do so.

It is a process of coming to realize that life happens and given that, making conscious choices about how I respond and how I’m going to use my energy.

For example, here it is a full two weeks since our big Release Day and the paperback version of the book is still not available. I could be very stressed about that and I do have to admit, I’ve had my feelings and my frustrations about it. Yesterday I was supposed to approve the final/final/final draft and I still found problems in it…

However, instead of being aggravated (as I have been in the past), I simply felt my feelings, and made a choice about what to do and how to proceed.

Going back to our pregnant friend as an allegory, her body is changing on every level, physical, cellular, hormonal to name a few. She has a choice in any given moment and about the entire process. She can roll with what is or she can be in resistance and fighting it. Either way, her body is going to under go extreme changes over the next months until finally the time will have come and she will birth the baby she is creating.

There’s not much she has to do outside of take good care of herself physically, emotionally and mentally as it all happens.

One of the things that we as humans do, especially some of us in the New Thought movement, is think we can control the world, our environment and everything else. Get over it. You can’t control much of anything at all. So it’s much more effective to quit fighting what is and allow the moment to unfold.

Where are you struggling to find ease today? I posted a similar question in our Falling Into Ease Facebook Community a little bit ago and immediately several people posted comments. If you could end suffering, what would you no longer struggle with?

Consider the question and begin to make ease a part of your regular spiritual practice. How can I bring ease into my experience right now? Where can I surrender, let go or change focus of awareness?

What if I simply stood up and went outside to breath fresh air and gain a new perspective while I’m there?

Could you try it? Could you be gentler on yourself when you notice that you are in reaction or struggle? Could you make it alright to simply be exactly where you are, experiencing exactly what you are experiencing?

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In-Joy and With Ease,


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