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Spring Cleaning for the Soul |

It’s time to do the deep cleaning of the baseboards and ceiling fans, dusting the cobwebs of winter out into the fresh sunshine. It’s time to move the furniture to clean under it more thoroughly. It’s time to go through the closets and cupboards releasing anything we haven’t used and cleaning the bottoms.

Spring cleaning for the soul, what’s that? Just like the spring cleaning of your home and closets; just like the spring clean-up of your yard – this is time to care for your soul. It’s time to dig up the weeds, thatch and aerate the ground to make way for new growth.

It’s time for a deep alignment with that which is more important now. It’s letting go of the old, the old clothes that no longer fit; the old dust and dirt and grime that comes in living life. The old plants that are no longer flourishing to be replaced with new starter plants; with new seeds with new thoughts, ideas, beliefs. Its time to clean. It’s time to shed. It’s time to soar.

Paraphrasing from the Japanese way to clear clutter, take everything out of the closet and dump in into the middle of the room. Put your hands on every item and ask yourself if you love it; does it bring you joy; do you use it on a regular basis?

If it brings you joy, if you love it or if you use it, keep it; otherwise let it go.

Let’s do the same process with our beliefs, our habits and our mindset. We call this Spiritual Spring Cleaning for the Soul.  There is no judgment here, only curiosity. What if we pulled everything out into the light and looked at it. If we like it, it brings us joy we can spiff it up a bit and replace it consciously. If it does not bring us joy, or we don’t love it, let it go!

What if it is as simple as that? It can be! And just like with spring cleaning of your house or yard, it helps to have a buddy, someone to ask the questions, to guide the process, so you don’t get stuck in a rabbit hole.

I’ve been in a spring cleaning of my own the past few weeks. spring-cleaning-for-your-soul-1-300x219-6434109I was moving along quite nicely in a direction that seemed appropriate, even though I wasn’t enjoying it. Something happened and that directed ended with a jolt, giving me the impetus and space to regroup and reframe. This has led me to a re-defining of my work in the world. This has led me to a letting go and surrendering of yet more layers of beliefs and patterns.

What is happening as a result is a deeper clarity about who I am in the world, a claiming of my personal magical powers and a realization that is changing everything. It’s a letting go, a deep clean. I took the time and space to surrender and release all that no longer serves me; all that has been handed to me that isn’t really aligned with me.

In the time and space I’m allowing myself, I quite striving so hard, I quit trying so hard to figure it out, to make that one piece of the puzzle fit into a space it was not meant to fit into. I aerated my consciousness so my roots could breathe, so my foundation could receive the water and nutrients necessary to flourish. I thatched, removing dead, old plant life in the forms of expectations and old fruits.

Spring cleaning is not only for the spring, but since it is spring it’s been a perfect time to dive in and clear out. I’m feeling refreshed and clean myself. My integrity is spot on; my passion is bubbling up again in places it was drying out. I’m alive with possibilities.

You know how good it feels in your house after the deep clean! You know how beautiful your yard is after the spring clean-up.

Imagine how fresh, sparkly and cleaned out you will be after a spiritual spring cleaning!

Take it on! If you would like some assistance or guidance, schedule a free consult call and we can take a quick look, identify an area that is calling for cleaning and begin the process of letting go of the old and embodying a new fresh you!

In-Joy and With Ease,


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