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Shootings Get Personal |

Yesterday on the news we witnessed a deranged, or at least disturbed, man out in the world shooting random people on Facebook LIVE. There was actually one murder filmed and the man was bragging about many more.

Then I found out this morning that one of my son’s best friends growing up was shot.

That gets personal. That’s a bit too close.

Our culture is so wrought with violence, I think we get a little immune to it. Between the violence on TV and in our movies to the neighbors down the street. It’s outrageous to me.

I often talk about how the violence disturbs the calm peace of my soul and I buffer myself from it for the most part. I don’t watch much news, I don’t follow global news, I don’t pay much attention to the government workings or politics. I stay pretty isolated from much of the world. In fact, have for most of my life.

As a child, I didn’t pay attention and then as a young adult I found New Thought thinking and eventually became a New Thought Minister (Unity). We / I focus on the positive, I can find the silver lining in pretty much anything. It’s not that bad things haven’t happened, its more that I know how to shift my focus from the negative to the positive pretty quickly.

I was accused recently of living in a bubble. It appears to be true. I have counseled and coached hundreds of people having hundreds of experiences of grief, rage, despair. There is not much that anyone of my clients could tell me that would shock or surprise me about our humanity or life on this planet.

However, sometimes things get a little close. Eric’s shooting is that for me. I’ve known this kid since he was 10 years old. He was always in the midst of anything my son was getting into. Yes, I’m implying trouble. Together, the two of them were trouble! Like many teens, they explored in mischief. My first reaction when I discovered another shenanigans was to blame Eric.

Of course, as these boys grew up, I discovered that Eric’s mom always knew it was my son who was the trouble maker and that it was true.

They’ve grown up to be really great young men. They are professionals in their fields, they are responsible and they are kind, loving men.

I digress. Back to the shootings and violence. I wonder and have often said that the violence is becoming normal, it is minimized because of what we watch on the screens of our lives. And we learn it well. Even the young toddlers are often participating in violence on the games they play. War, shooting, killing are common themes in video games.

But where does it stop? How can I personally impact the world with my positivity? How can I disengage from violence without hiding my head in the sand? Where does violence live in me? How am I violent with my thoughts and or words?

As I contemplate these questions it occurs to me that all violence stems from a deep seated anger, rage which typically originates in fear. What if we were all safe? What if we knew our safety that we were not threatened by others or life itself?

When violence enters into your world, you lose a sense of safely, for some the very foundation of who you know yourself to be on the planet is rocked. Another question surfaces, once you lose a sense of safely, how do you recover it?

Sure, there are places I could be kinder, if even to myself and the ways I talk to me. I could take action, but I don’t want to engage with violent protests. In fact, I don’t want to protest anything. I’d much rather take a stand FOR, rather than a stand Against.

Today, I put out a call, a plea and a request. If you are a light worker, if you are a conscious being who is tired of the violence of our planet; if you have been impacted by violence in your life will you stand with me? The antidote to violence is communication, is a heart-felt sharing from a place of safety.

Today, I stand for Peace. Today I stand with my heart breaking open along side of anyone and everyone who has been impacted by violence. Today I say, “I’m so sorry you have had to experience this by either being the victim of violence or the perpetrator of violence, but together, let’s find another way.”

Today I pray for all that they and we might find a new way. Today, I remember that I am One will all who live and so I look deeper in me. I heal the places in me that are participating in violence.

Today, I vision and imagine a world of safety, a place to express emotions without violence; a way of being on the planet that knows Oneness with each other and the planet. I consciously release anger, fear, rage, judgement and violence. Today I am more conscious to connect with every person I meet. Today I slow down and give thanks for all the blessings.

Today, I communicate with someone I wouldn’t have yesterday, if only a smile or a kind word. Will you join me in seeing peace, in seeing love in being Peace and Being Love in the world? Will you join me in holding all who are affected by violence in a bubble of love, kindness, compassion and safety?

For my friend Eric, and his family and sorry-300x258-6133922friends and for the thousands who were directly impacted by violence today, I say,

“I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.  I love you. Thank you!”

(The ancient Hawaiian Oh Ho’oponopono prayer.)

My heart breaks and I call it good for every time I allow myself to deeply feel, to experience a heart breaking moment, the barriers of my deep heart break down and there is more room for love, for peace, for light. Bring on the light – and as I open more consciously to it, perhaps my humanity becomes a bit easier to accept. Here’s to healing, a deep healing of the pain within our planet and our lives.

Biggest Blessings,


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