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Shero’s Journey – Arrived

Shero’s Journey is a spiritual adventure – the first in a trilogy. Shero is our heroine and as it turns out, she was seeded from a different dimension, the Star Seed Planet. She doesn’t know it, yet she must embrace her humanity in order to be able to serve the world in the great grand scheme of healing planet Earth.

On her spiritual journey she faces dragons and chasms as in any hero’s journey, but hers are of emotions – anger, rage, fear, terror, betrayal and shame. As she navigates her life on earth, she discovers the deeper meaning of life; she meets her challenges with strength and in the end, she realizes her mission.

You might recognize yourself in Shero’s adventures as she awakens to her true nature and embodies her purpose.

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Early Reviews:

Shero’s Journey is a journey I was not only honored to accompany her on but launched me into a “trip” deep within my parallel experiences. I was transported into a state of consciousness not only expansive as a galactic thinking being but an actual sensation of being in an altered state of awareness, while being carried to the space within that contains wisdom that runs below our earthly memory.

Aliza Bloom Robinson pulls from her deeply authentic life experience to allow us our own deep authentic truth as we insert our pain and struggles as we emerge into greater awakening as part of our lovevolution. As star seeds we are domains within the unified spacememory network connected as the living hologhaphic universe. We are birthing a new model of a deeper reality and Shero is leading us there beyond separation. I “highly” encourage you to join Shero’s on her journey of inspiration for all us She and He Heroes in this journey of lovevolution.

The Light Rev. Jeffree Colebrook of The Resonance Foundation and Interfaith Minister sharing in the lovevolution. 

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Shero’s Journey is a delightful tale into the epic journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Aliza Bloom Robinson highlights life’s questions, struggles and discoveries through the eyes of an unsung hero, Shero. I found the twists and turns in Shero’s story beautifully illustrate the nature of personal transformation and remind me that life is unfolding in perfect ways. Just as Shero discovers, the inner journey is not easy. However, it is continuously unfolding for our greatest good and highest purpose. If you are looking to discover a deeper part of your spiritual nature and how life unlocks its greatest mysteries, you won’t want to miss reading this captivating series.

Mary Rust – Inspired Speaker and Life Transformation SpecialistRestoring Your Health and Life from the Inside Out

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 “An expansive look into a spiritual life and world that could be calling to us all.” Rev. Howard Caesar, Retired Unity Minister.

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An excellent first novel and book one of a trilogy. I look forward to seeing how the story develops, as this book gives hope that the earth and humanity can be saved from destruction.

The heroine Shero feels she doesn’t fit in to her family, or every day life and struggles to understand why. Since a child she had visions of another world and believed they were just that, visions. However Shero comes to realise they were not meaningless dreams but that she was from another world and had been sent to earth to save humanity. The book takes you on an adventure as it weaves between visits to the other dimension and learning of her role and the difficulties with relationships, friendships lost, working an earthly career, connecting with her spirituality and understanding how to fill this destiny on earth. Shero is a strong and intriguing heroine but is easily relatable to as her struggles are ones all of us face in life of love, friendships, wanting to be liked, shame and guilt. So take sometime for yourself, grab a cuppa and escape into Shero’s enthralling journey. 

Pam Lob – Health and Transformation Genie, Author, Speaker, Asea Associate