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If you are like most people I know, you are successful, you manage way more than you should.  You are motivated to do a good job and have a rich and full life.

Yet, even so… sometimes you tend to overwhelm or frustration.  Things get too busy, your mind starts running and when that happens, the flow seems to get stuck.

You spin around and either are distracted or in procrastination.  Perhaps your technology gets wonky.  That is always a good sign to me that its’ time to take a break!

I created this PDF report just for YOU!

Seven Simple Tips to Navigate Life’s Difficult Moments….                And Fall Into Ease

It is filled with a varitey of simple tips or life hacks as I like to say to catch yourself before you slide down the deep dark hole of unproductivity.  They are fun, they are simple, yet they work to interrupt the patterns.

What my clients are saying:

This was such a simple thing and I feel so much better! I can’t even believe the lightness I am experiencing.   Suzi

I’m having an expanded awareness. I’d never even thought of linking my head to my physical body! Wow!   Vanessa

About Aliza and Divine Awakening


Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson is a Transformation Catalyst, speaker, author, and ordained Unity Minister.  Founder of Divine-Awakening.org, Aliza has walked a Spirit-led life, through both the valleys and peaks of experience.  Aliza facilitates the discovery of peace, purpose, passion and fulfillment in living the life, of your dreams.


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