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Here’s The Perfect Solution If …

You Want To Re-awaken To Your Life Purpose!

Spiritually Rejuvenate Yourself And Love Every Minute Of It!

Spiritual Retreat Reveals Secrets to Acquiring Insight, Guidance and Personal Empowerment!

Thursday – Sunday, April 12-15, 2018


Are you one of those spiritual people who KNOWS without a doubt that your soul is up to something big?

But, you can’t quite seem to get there?  It’s like there is an invisible block to either knowing it, realizing it fully or manifesting it in the world.

Perhaps you feel like if you don’t do this thing that is within you, it will kill you – or you will be left so un-fulfilled you can’t stand it.

Perhaps it’s been eating at you for years or decades even.

Is it time to Unleash your deepest Purpose?  Are you ready???

Thursday – Sunday, April 12-15, 2017

Angel Valley, Sedona, AZ  

This event is exclusive and by Invitation Only – If you’d like to explore it:

Invest in Your Self – Give Yourself the Gift

 So You Can Finally ~

• Re-Ignite your deep Soul Purpose and get about the business of Being
• Gain clarity and confidence in your next steps
• Receive insight, guidance and empowerment
• Re-Vitalize your relationships
• Get the money you want and Increase your financial flow
• Stop the chatter in your mind and become Aligned
• Awaken your deepest Essence

Take the time and space to remember not only who you are but also who you are becoming. Releasing life long limiting patterns and dismantling invisible glass ceilings, you will remember your Soul, your deep inner desires and what truly makes you happy.

I remember who I am, tapped into who I’m here to be (expanded on what I knew but had forgotten) and reconnected with joy.  VC – Retreat Participant

So often we feel tired and a bit dried up inside. This weekend is designed to be water for your thirsty soul. Basking in the energies of nurture and nourish, you will leave replenished and refreshed from the inside out.

Feel into the possibility of a deep, replenishing, restoring,reconnecting weekend with your sacred soul family in the magical, mystical land of Sedona!

Oh my, that feels good!

AND it is more than feeling good, more than a nice time away – this experience will include the Spiritual Butt-Kicking you need to finally get off your reasons why you don’t and into the Power of Doing what You are Here to Do!

Are you ready? Attending the retreat is by application only. I’d love to have a conversation with you and see if it’s the right fit for you.

An Immersive Weekend to Remember, Replenish and Reconnect

with your Spirit, Soul and Self, in the Sacred Space of Angel Valley

Angel Valley is a beautiful, close to nature, vortex filled with energy centers, red rocks, a bubbling creek, cabins and delicious whole food.

The location is a huge part of the transformational value of this retreat!

I’ve lived with a deep-seated hiding of fear and guilt for my whole life. I’m a master at hiding even from myself. During the session with Aliza, I found a place of safety, comfort warmth and love. I was able to transcend fear and guilt and replace it with this warmth. Now, I feel relieved of heaviness; freed to bring all of me forward. I’m empowered to I even feel good about beginning to charge my clients for my services! Holy cow!  ~ BP, Client

In one session with Aliza, I was able to identify a life-long ancestral pattern that I’d embodied about self-hatred. As we released it, I was washed over with self-compassion. It was amazing. I’ve been dealing with my issue for decades and I can see a pathway to relief and release with this clearing.  SB – Client

I see being able to work out of the old with more tools. I love the circle back and share. Its been too easy to run and hide and not complete the necessary conversations. I love the journaling of appreciations as well as patterns.  ~ DD, Client

Thursday, 5pm – Sunday, 11am, April 12-15, 2018
Angel Valley, Sedona

All Inclusive – 4 days, 3 nights lodging, and meals included.

Are you ready? Ready to say yes to the next and more powerful version of yourself? I’d love to assist. Let’s chat about the retreat, payment options and how it’s going to feel to gift yourself this time in the Sacred, Spiritual, Sedona Experience

I’ve been living with a heaviness I can’t quite shake. I realized during our session that I carried a belief that I didn’t deserve to love my life. After the process, I felt a lightness, a joy and acceptance of what is. Before, I didn’t know how to love my life with a diagnosis. Now, I love my life – no matter what! I’m celebrating with joy and really feel it. I’m amazed at the difference I feel inside.  MR – Retreat Participant

What You’ll Get ~

Sacred Space – vortexes, labyrinths, medicine wheel, flowing waters
• Practices for spiritual and consciousness expansion in everyday living
Connection – with Spirit, Self and Soul Family
Amplified energies of Sedona
Ceremonies – Spirit, Water, Fire Commune with Spirit of the Land and Stars
Lodging for 3 nights, double occupancy in cabins
Healthy meals –  Fresh, organic, unprocessed, vegetarian/vegan, Thursday dinner through Sunday breakfast

All Inclusive – Programming, Lodging, Meals – only $997!

 Download a Flyer  Sacred, Spiritual, Sedona Here.

Does this sound like something that your soul is crying out for? If so, let’s book a call. I’d love to meet you and see if this the next right step for you.

I can’t even believe what just happened. The heaviness I’ve been feeling almost all of my life, just melted away. It’s gone. Like all the sludge of a lifetime was cleared off. I feel lighter, like I can breathe, the air is fresh. I realize I have always been connected, it was just that the trauma I lived through covered up the connection so I couldn’t see it. I’m crying for joy right now and we haven’t even started the course yet!  ~ DW, Client

Investment ~ $997! Includes 3 nights lodging and healthy meals from Thursday dinner through Sunday breakfast!

Cancellation Policy – 

  • A non-refundable deposit of $250 will hold your space
  • Final payment is due on or before March 15, 2018
  • Any cancellation made in writing before March 20, will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the trip pricing. Any cancellation made between March 15 and the retreat start date will result in a total loss of the trip funds. We reserve the right to cancel the retreat if the minimum number of registrations is not met. (If we do so your deposit is refunded in full.) Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended when making travel plans.

About Your Facilitator                       

Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson, Ordained Minister, High Priestess of the Magdalene Mysteries, transformational catalyst is your primary guide for this experience. She facilitates sacred spaces for awakening through her programs, events, books and courses.

Read more about Aliza Here.

Questions?  Contact Aliza.