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Sacred Services


Beautiful, Affordable, Custom Weddings

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Memorials and/or Funerals –        planning_a_memorial_service_s-300x200-6525908

Special services for the toughest moments in life.  Memorials and Funeral are some of my favorites.  Because of the tender moments, the deep heart opening times are often bittersweet.

My heart, my presence, my ability to listen and work within the context of the families, makes me the perfect one to facilitate your Ceremony of Remembering, Celebration of Life, all the while including the very human emotions of grief.

Christenings and/or Baptisms     

Whether your child is a new-born or adolescent, we can co-create a wonderful, intimate, special event for you and your family.


Relationships, Childern, House, Travel, Business, Project or just about anything you’d like to bless.

Sacred Ceremony                                                                                                                       Your imagination is the limit for co-creating sacred ceremonies.

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