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Quit Worrying |

Do you ever think about what you think about?  Are you conscious of all the thoughts that run through your brain?  Or even the habitual ones?  Do you know how to change them when you notice it is not really what you want to be creating?

The power of thought is one of the major keys to creating the life you love.  What we think actually causes the thing we think about to be created.   Specifically and especially when we add in an emotional, feeling with vibrational resonance.

So let’s unpack this a bit.  If you are a worrier, and your thoughts are consistently worrying about this or that or the other things, chances are you are tied up in knots at the end of the day and find it hard to unwind.  You might have a hard time quieting those thoughts so you can sleep.  Is this true for you?

If you could break the habitual vibration of worry, and it is much more of a habit than a conscious thought, who could you be?  If you had no worries, how relaxed could you be?  If you had no worries, you would be centered, in the flow and peaceful.

The challenge with so much of our thought is that it is habitual ad it is unconscious.  It is also loopy.  Loopy as in silly, crazy, nonsensical, perhaps.  Loopy as in the mind gets caught in thoughts that loop.  They run and run and run around the same thing over and over again in repetition, gaining momentum as they go.

It is those loops that appear hard to break.

But there is a way!

Let me tell you first that worry is senseless and unnecessary suffering.  There is nothing you can do about 98% of what you worry about.  The other 2%, just go do something. Take an action or let it go.  Worry is a vibrational pattern that keeps you locked in a prison of your own limited thinking.   What could your life look like if you were free from worry?  What could you do with all the energy that has been tied up in worry if it were unleased?  Feel into the possibilities, feel into the freedom!

I can feel you worrying again.  Worrying about what would happen if you didn’t worry.  There are so many things to worry about.  It feels important to worry.

It’s Not!  Trust me on this.  Try it for 21 days as an experiment and see what happens.

Ok, so how?   How do I quit worrying?

First realizing that worry is a loopy habitual vibration.  That’s all, a bad habit.  Perhaps one that you learned very early on.  It is funny isn’t it, how the bad habits are the ones that stick and appear so hard to break.

The quickest and easiest way to break a loopy cycle is to interrupt it.  Disrupt the loop.  Break the momentum.  End the cycle.  Cut into the cords that keep it all tied up.

Become conscious of what you are thinking about.  Set a timer on your watch or cell phone for every hour and notice what you are thinking.  Awareness is the first step.  Interrupt it with a new and different energetic thought vibration.  Keep it simple at first.  Create a new thought, one you would love; one that you can use every time to change the habit; one that will interrupt the loop.

Perhaps something like:

I am free.

I am safe.

I release and let go.

What would I love?

I love _________, (fill in the blank.)

I am so blessed!

I’m grateful for _____________ (fill in the blank.)

Instead of worry, I choose peace (or love, joy, calm).

Or take an action every time you notice you are worrying again.

Stand up and feel your feet.

Flick your fingers as a way to release the loop.

Smile for 30 seconds.

Did you know you can’t worry and smile at the same time?  It is impossible.  Try it.

Begin to build a new habit of the thought or action of your choice.  Try a few and see which ones work best for you and then stick with it. Use the same one for 21 days and notice what is different in your thoughts and life.

Interrupt the cycles and replace the thoughts.  It’s that simple.

I love to support people in discovering new ways of being in the world that support awakening, expansion and living the life you love.  If you’d like support, please contact me.

Much love,