Quantum Burst Club

Are you ready to burst into 2020 and the life of your dreams?

Come Alive to the Nth Degree!

Launch your Dreams like rocketships into 2020 and the NOW!

As we wrap up the end of 2019 and prepare to enter 2020 – it feels to me like we get to blast into the new decade. It’s not about easing in; its not about slilpping or sliding into a new year and new decade.

If feels much more to me like Blasting In – like a Quantum Burst into a new decade, new year and new way of Being

In that new way of Being comes new ways of doing…

  • Your business
  • Your relationship
  • Your money
  • Your health
  • Your life!!!

What’s been coming through me recently is a new level of the quantum – it’s like from touching to to Becoming it.

AND – the power of a collective!

When a group of people gather for the greater good of their individual goals – the field expands. We, together, empower each other quantumly!


What is it?

A group of people who are about the business of being their greater selves, of doing the bigger work in the field and in the world.

It’s a four month container (you know how much I love and value the power of container)! It’s intentional with a big lean to what’s possible in the unknown!

It’s popping into the next level of your Quantum Self; landing, practicing, but really BECOMING it! Quantum Practices on

  • Contribution
  • Becoming-ness
  • Expanding
  • Practical application
  • Collective bursts

It’s group calls, group intention; individual attention. It’s the perfect opportunity to put some quantum energy on your goals and dreams for 2020. It’s the perfect way to be and receive support on all levels – including practical, action steps from field of infinite possibilies.

Authentic Engagement – Recognition of Genuis – Resonate Field – Co-creative Collabrative

When is it?

The Container or Club runs from January 1, 2020 to April 30, 2020 – or longer… AND There is BONUS kick off Call in December – to set the stage to launch into 2020 with a bang! (Rather than gently easing in later in the month.)

Who is it for?

YOU! If you are ready for the next level expression of yourself, your health, your business, your relationships, your life!


  • BONUS Call – December
  • LIVE Calls – Quantum Bursts and more!
  • Group support
  • Private Facebook Group for collaboration, connection and accountability
  • Ongoing support in the quantum field
  • Recordings of all processes, energetic blasts and calls


While there is a financial investment, the true investment is energetic – in yourself and in your Becomingness! Think of this… 100 Days of support for less than $10/day! (Then I went and added an entire extra month!) Holy Moley – that’s an investment you can’t pass up!

  • Total, pay in full price – $997 – Register
  • Monthly payments available – Three payments of $350 – Register
  • NEW OFFER — Four payments of $265.00 – Register

Register Before December 19 – Receive a BONUS KICK OFF CALL!

Join The Club Now – to manifest your dreams in an entirely new, quantum way! Join with others in playing with magic, sparkle, mystery and COME ALIVE to the Nth Degree!

Questions? Need More Information? Reach out!

See you in the field!