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Prayer – It's not what you think. |

I’ll be praying for you.  I’ll lift that up in prayer.  Could you pray for me?  Prayers, please.   

We pray in many situations and circumstances, sometimes it is an affirmative prayer, calling forth and seeing the highest and best. Other times, we pray a beseeching prayer, begging and bargaining for something we don’t think we can have.

In New Thought, we teach that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening.  The newest teaching is “How to Pray Without Talking to God”, a book by my friend, Rev. Linda Martella Whitsett (check it out here).  She addresses the very issue I’m writing about here.  Where and what is this God we are reaching out to, and what do we expect from praying?

What if that God is not a being outside of you, but rather the entire Universe and the vibration or essence of God permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of all things. Would that change our idea of prayer?

Yes, it would!

Imagine that our Universe is an ocean, God is the ocean waters.  We are an individual wave and our lives are the wave breaking along the shore line.

Where we tend to focus our prayer energy is at the shore line, on the foam and debris left by the expression and crash of the wave we are.

True prayer is not wishing it were different, or even paying attention to the debris or crash at all.  True prayer is moving our awareness from the outer; the edges of the wave and our outer lives to the depth of the ocean, to that place where all waves originate.

True prayer is moving our awareness and our consciousness into the Truth , the Oneness and perfection of the ocean itself.

One of my teachers from many years ago taught that true prayer was shifting into the awareness that you and I are One.  That’s it.

No beseeching, no begging, bargaining, pleading.  There is nothing out there that can manipulate the Universe.  Yet there is that which is within us that is greater than us. The cosmic forces of the Universe.

     Align with that, align your awareness with that which is greater than you.  It could be the earth, or the skies to get started.  Align with Creation, the Universe, the depths of the ocean.

     Touch the vibration of wholeness and stand there in Truth, in love, in the center of your spiritual heart and bask. Feel the peace, Oneness, Love and quiet.  Notice the stillness. It’s like fine tuning the radio dial, eliminating static and coming into attunement, with the vibration being crystal clear.

     In this place, bring to mind your desired outcome.  In this place bring to awareness the pain and struggle and suffering of yourself or others and feel it melt away into Oneness.

     In this place and from this place, all things are possible.  In this place and from this place You are prayer.  You are One with God.  You are the fullness of the ocean once again.  In this place there is relief and release and a clarity about what to Be or do or say.

In this place you are Prayer.

Pray anew and allow the fullness of the Universe to rush forward filling you and the ones you pray with and for with ease, grace and clarity.

Next time you say, “I’ll pray for you”, or a similar statement, return here in this spacious vibration of God.  Land gently and fully in the midst.  Let is wash over you removing any sticky, worry, fear or anxiety.  Once you come to peace, gently bring the prayer request into the light of God.  Looking only for relief, the space to allow Love to enter.  See it already done, the desired outcome.  Give thanks and wait.  Wait for an impulse.  When it comes, follow it.

That is all.

I’ll be praying with you,

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