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Paradox of Awakening

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Will you agree that our world appears pretty chaotic?

How about your Life?

Or taking it a step futher, are your thoughts and emotions in chaos too?

Would you benefit from a message on Finding Peace in a World of Chaos?

The message is perfect for spiritually aware people who still struggle with navigating the unexpected and intense experiences of their lives.

Do your people want to take their spirituality to a next level?

The real-world chaos people are experiencing… including tough family situations financial challenges, health and weight, or expressing their creativity and purpose – can be intense. I help with powerful, practical tools that immediately create more clarity, ease and alignment so they can live the lives they love!

I am bringing my cutting-edge work to the world, via a regional tour with my newest book Paradox of Awakening – Finding Peace in a World of Chaos.

How Can you Benefit and Find Peace in your World?


I have been on my spiritual journey for over 25 years now and as such, I am familiar with many of the ideas and terms contained in Paradox of Awakening. For those new to their spiritual journeys, the info in Paradox is presented in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner that cuts to the chase for the meaning of the terms and the action to be taken to achieve Awakening. The concept of Oneness as  presented in Paradox is so relevant and necessary to successfully live in today’s world of divisiveness and lack of love and respect for others.

“Now is the time to fulfill your purpose on this planet. Now is the time that we have been waiting for and we are the Ones. It is time to let go everything that is unlike love. Surrender your identification and your attachment to all that is outside of you. Our great grand purpose is to Awaken, to come into realization of our Oneness. Within that purpose, however, we each have individual gifts, talents, dreams and visions that will come into being with our Awakening.”  (page 37, Power of Awakening) Paradox presents various ways that we can achieve this through examples and practical exercises.

  I found myself pausing to contemplate the paradoxes that Ms. Bloom presented, wondering how I had never thought about them before. And yet, they made perfect sense upon further contemplation. This is definitely a book that can be used as a reference for spiritual growth. It is one of those books that will speak to you no matter where you are along your spiritual journey.

 Mary Ann Wolf

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‘As a spiritual teacher with the practical, material, earthly topic of money, I feel the importance of paradox.  My dear friend, Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson, understands and shares exactly how to question, think, feel, and practice through the ‘seeming contradictions’ we all face.  It’s a powerful new work, Paradox of Awakening. One of my favorite lines: ‘The correct role of the ego is to be subservient to the higher heart.’  This is a woman who can guide us all to listen and learn from the higher heart while we’re working with our bodies, relationships, money, work, and more.  Enjoy!’  

 Rev. Karen Russo, MBA

award-winning author, The Money Keys

Scottsdale, AZ

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“Aliza Bloom Robinson’s book, Paradox of Awakening, is a masterpiece. I highly recommend everyone who is interested in their personal and spiritual development have a copy of this book. In this book, Aliza reminds us that we are perfect in our imperfections. This book of pure goodness supports your awakening in bite-size pieces. Aliza shares short meditations and practices throughout the book to expand our awareness, acceptance, and capacity to receive everything we want in life. As you read this book, fasten your seatbelts, hold on and boldly let go. Lean in and surrender to your awakening.” ~ Tandy Elisala, Family Caregiver Coach and Cancer Empowerment Advocate www.TandyElisala.com 

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In her book, Aliza Bloom Robinson invites each of us open our hearts to the miracles that are occurring all around us. She invites us to span out and view the world from a higher level of consciousness and see that things are already perfect, that there is always hope, and that we are always connected to something bigger than ourselves. She reminds us that we are made from love and light and that they are always available to us. Throughout her book, Aliza explores some of the paradoxes that we may encounter during our journey of awakening and offers helpful practices and meditations. If you’re feeling called toward something deeper and are ready to connect with your higher self and with all that is, this book is a wonderful guide. – Jodi Chapman

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Somehow you manage to capture my thoughts and write them with great clarity. It’s comforting to know there are others on Earth who are “woke”. That term has really caught on in the past year, which speaks volumes about the timing of your book. Thank you for leading the way to a new way of thinking and living. When we are awake, you say it best, “Judgement dissipates, fear lessens, and love leads the way.” You are indeed a catalyst for transformation!

Cliff Smith

AZ Insurance and Retirement Services

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I found this work of Bloom’s Paradox of Awakening to be insightful and encouraging. I have been on an Awakening journey myself and agree that the forward motion, realizations, and releasing can sometimes bring a sadness or feeling of being at the same level.

I find these words encouraging “what if your work right now is to simply love who you are in your wholeness…” that I can take time, and to love unconditionally, knowing that I am in the exact right time and right place as the Awakening continues to deepen.

These line from Bloom “Love and accept and allow and make friends with the places that you still want to hide.” “Let them out; let them breathe.” They give the guidance to know it’s okay to go to all the places that we are afraid to look at… that we NEED to look at them all to COMPLETELY raise our vibration.

“In Truth you are never alone you are Spirit in expression.” In Truth, we are all One.

Dawn Goldman

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 Aliza Bloom Robinson’s most recent book reminds me of the Buddhist ideals known as The Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. We are invited to take a stand for our own Awakening. She asks, “Are you willing to give up the stories you believe? Are you willing to surrender the beliefs you hold so dear?”  These are the concepts of Awakening hinted at in the title, Paradox of Awakening, to at once be in the world and not be in the world at the same time.

In my Buddhist analogy, Awakening will involve leaning into our Buddha nature, learning our lessons or Dharma and being in a like-minded Community or Sangha to deepen both our paradoxical understanding and our Awakening. I enthusiastically encourage you to accept Aliza’s invitation to take a stand for your own Awakening. This is a gem of a book, you will oft reference as you step between the land where true Love exists, in the both-and.  Paul Goldman

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Looking for a Way to Support Your Spiritual Awakening? This is it!

Aliza Bloom Robinson’s book: Paradox of Awakening is the perfect vehicle to connect to the inner wisdom of your Soul!

Aliza reminds us that it is possible for the world to be awakened with love, kindness, joy and compassion…. it all starts with our own deep, personal transformation.  Aliza shares short meditations and practices throughout the book to support your awaking process.

If you are ready to embark on your personal Awakening Journey, getting “Paradox of Awakening” is a great next step!

Jerri Eddington, Ed.D. Author, Soul Coach, Transformational Educator www.LightenUpandThrive.com

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In The Paradox of Awakening Aliza Bloom Robinson steps boldly into the both-and vortex of becoming an awakened human. She holds up a lantern to spark your own inner light and to guide your way on this challengingly easy, frighteningly beautiful, perfectly imperfect journey forward (and back) to who you have always been beneath the illusion of separation. A beautiful and inspiring read.

Claire Perkins

Author of Fallen, The Adventures of a Deep Water Leaf


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This book was written in a way that was easy to understand and relate to. I felt the light Aliza Bloom Robinson refers to in each of us, shining brightly in her. She is truly blessed with an intellect and brilliance and the light she refers to in all of us shines brightly through her writing.   Mary Lou Flores

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Aliza Bloom Robinson’s newest book is a journey through the struggles we face in joining an “Awakened world”. She looks closely at the push and pull – the Paradox – of being called to see the world with new eyes…we’re drawn to a new way of living and resist is at the same time. Written in a supportive and conversational tone, Paradox of Awakening encourages us to explore this dynamic and ultimately find a path to new understanding and connection. Excellent read.  ~ Liz Lajoie

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

With simple clarity, Aliza Bloom Robinson gives a pathway to understanding our true divine nature and how to navigate life to find peace. Paradox of Awakening feels as though you are speaking with a dear friend. As a minister, I use Aliza’s books for Sunday lessons, which are always meaningful and well received by the Spiritual Community. As Aliza says, the world is awakening. feel it, breathe it, Be It! Paradox of Awakening: Finding Peace in a World of Chaos  Rev. Twyla Reece, Unity of Merced, CA

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

An engaging read about finding peace on a world where we often feel overwhelmed and stressed.   Ayesha Hilton

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In her insightful and deeply hopeful book, author Aliza Bloom Robinson explores the power of paradox in an awakening world. Her thoughtful guidance helps transform either/or thinking into both/and “knowing.” The more I read the more I understood, not only about my personal journey, but also about humanity’s collective journey. And, gratefully, the more I understood the journey of awakening, the more hope I had. There really is meaning in the madness that seems to be everywhere present.  Michelle Radomski

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am enjoying this book very much. I feel I’m walking the paths to awakening thorough a heartfelt, loving journey. Linda Park

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I got a chance to get a sneak peak at this book and it’s incredible content. It’s truly profound in so many ways! And Rev. Aliza has a unique way of communicating that I know you’ll enjoy and appreciate. Take the words and her teachings to heart because they can change your life!  Del Lewis

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have read basically everything Aliza Bloom Robinson has written. This latest one does disappoint. Paradox of Awakening is one I’m reading again. I highly recommend it.  Pat Wells

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A True Spiritual Leader For Our Modern Times — Aliza is a breath of fresh air and brings deep insights into what it means to be spiritually awakened in our modern world. Filled with love and spirit, Aliza holds a sacred and loving space for her readers as she guides them through their own spiritual awakening. This book is a gift. Thank you Aliza. Suzanne Livingston

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Aliza Is the most kind and heart centered person I know and this book is a perfect reflection of her love and passion for the world of awakening. Aliza points out many of the dichotomies of awakening that everyone will experience along their own personal journey. Truly a must read for anyone brave enough to walk this journey. Mary Rust

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Aliza has the ability to make the complex simple. To guide the reader along in her reasoning and conclusions. She was a wonderful instructor in the Unity Spiritual Institute program, a good friend, and an excellent teacher with her books! Both of them! Ron Hestand

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