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Open the Eyes of My Heart |

I am so incredibly blessed.  I sit here this morning on my deck, enjoying the cooler weather and the sun peeking through a light cloud cover, streaming on the water.  It almost brings tears to my eyes.  My heart is wide open and I am seeing with the yes of God on this amazing morning.

This song:  Open the Eyes of My Heart, by Michael Smith is one of my favorites and for years it was in my head and on the tip of my tongue.  This morning it popped into my head and I realized all those years I spent singing it, praying it and calling it forth – has happened. I see with the eyes of God right now.  I see with the eyes of Creation.

I have landed in a place where my mind and ego are quiet, at least for this now moment.  I’ve touched the Christ Mind as my mid.  The veils have been lifted and I see clearly.

It is such a nice relief from the struggle and suffering in life.  I know from experience I won’t necessarily stay here for long – but for this moment, I bask.  It is so delicious, I wanted to share it with you.

Imagine for a moment all of your veils dropping; all of the wonderings, questioning, fighting, resistance, all of the ego; let it all drop and look with the eyes of your heart, with the eyes of God.  It is a beautiful, glorious world we live in – no matter what we think about it, or what is occurring.

Enjoy the song, allow the moment and if you’d like support in getting here or staying here, contact me, I’d be happy to support your awakening.

Much love,

Rev. Aliza

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