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We are One.  We are not separate, although we are individual.  We are One with Spirit, one with each other, one with humanity and one with the world we live in.

Every thought we have and every action we take impacts the world.

Think about your body. There are many systems, organs, muscles and bones, each individual and unique, yet it is one body.  When one organ goes into dis-ease all of the others as well as the whole is impacted.  The ideal scenario is that of harmony and flow, of mutual respect and support.  For when the individual parts are healthy, the whole is as well.

Another way to picture oneness is the idea of the pond.  Visualize a pond that is smooth as glass on the surface.  Then throw a pebble into it.  Watch the ripples from where the pebble entered ripples out and away.  Then continue on the seen surface and also underneath.  If you watch close enough you will notice that the entire pond is affect by one little pebble and the resulting ripples.

The illusion we live with is one of separation but it is not true.  What is true is:  We are all One.  Take the idea of Oneness into your being as a spiritual practice.

Go outside and connect with nature. Plan your feet on the ground and feel oneness with the earth.  Breathe into and through the earth for a time.  With each exhale send your live and appreciation down into the planet, feel it going all the way to the core of the earth.  Then wait.  Wait and open to receive from mother earth.  Notice what comes in awareness, vibration and energy. Put a few words on your receiving.

Next connect through your breath and awareness to the sun, sending your love and appreciation up.  Wait and receive.  Allow a new energy, vibration or idea to be discovered.

Repeat this process as many times as possible with different places, regions, groups or individuals.  Try it with:

The orphans in Africa

The soul of the earth

Different religious groups:   Christians, Muslims, Islamics, Jews, Hindis, etc…

The hungry; the diseased; the newborn babies, those who are dying…

The list is endless.  The more you consciously connect the greater the idea of Oneness will permeate your being. Practice it, become it and know in the cells of your being, We are One

In Oneness,

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