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My Last Day In Paradise |

(At least for now)…            

I woke up this morning, my last day in paradise.  I am sitting on the beach as the sun makes its way up into the sky.  With each passing moment the light on the ocean shifts.  With every shift there is revealed a different pathway.  Today it looks like a golden water, glimmering and shimmering pathway to God, to the sun itself.

It reminds me of the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz.  Look away for a few moments and the pathway has shifted again.  In a few more minutes the Sun will be up higher in the sky and the ribbon of light leading from me on this beach right up into the Sun will disappear.  The Sun is still there, the water remain.

A bit down the beach a man stands in the surf, about waist high. He is concentrating on catching fish with a net he holds in his hands.

The pelicans frolic.  A great white heron flies onto the beach.  She flies with huge floppy wings that swoop and then flow. The breeze is strong.  The air salty.

I am relaxed as I haven’t been in years.  At peace in my soul.  Lots of things have been able to unwind in my body, mind and consciousness.

I have a new awareness in my being of peace and good will.  I do not know what tomorrow might bring along this adventure called life, but I do know that in this moment all is well.

I am at one with the Source of all begin, at peace and living in the field of love.

How could it get any better than this?