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Musings on the Eclipse |

Today is an auspicious day. Here in the United States of America, visible across the entire country there will be a solar/lunar eclipse.

I’m intrigued.

What does this mean? While I’ve been reading and seeing many, many interpretations across the internet, I wanted to go within. What does it mean to me?

This is the first of this type of eclipse in a century. That is significant. That it comes at this time in our history seems significant. that is covers our entire country and not much else (ok, a little of Canada) is significant in light of our current countries appearance.

If the Sun is the masculine energy and represents the ways of society at large and the Moon represents the way of the feminine energy; the Moon is going to completely cover the sun for a matter of moments. The feminine is going to completely block out the masculine for a matter of moments.

The masculine is logical, intellectual, lineal, head based. It is where we compare and contrast, which leads to discrimination and oppression. It is about power and fighting to get what it desires. It is more apt to overpower another than work together.

Now, these are very wide and loose descriptions and I use them to point out how our current world is being.

The feminine on the other hand is much more about connection and communication; about collaboration and seeing and being outside of the box. It is more creative and less lineal. It is the language of the heart and deeply cares about the person, more than the outcome; cares more deeply about the process than the result.

What if this covering over, this eclipse was a portal into a new way of being; what if it is a doorway from where we find ourselves to where we want to be? In energy, vibration, frequency and ways of being? What if? It could be.

What if the eclipse is a breath. Simply a deep, cleansing breath for all of humanity, especially those of us in the United States? What if it is a moment of reset? Of clearing? It could be.

It’s interesting to me that this eclipse covers the entire country, and no others. It’s interesting to me that our country is in such apparent chaos and distress even at this very moment.

How might you use the energies today? How might you align with a greater good, a great and grand surprise? How can you allow this eclipse to catapult your awakening? Your heart? Your business? Your spirituality? Or nothing at all?

The thing is this is nature and there is nothing we can do to control it and I believe it will affect our world and our planet in deep and profound ways that also might be subtle and not visible for some time.

Nature does not discriminate, nature does not care; nature simply is and we are part of it.

I encourage you to take some time, if not during the actual eclipse, but today, to contemplate. What is working well in my life? What is not working so well? What would I love to see instead? Is there an inner impulse that is wanting to be recognized?

Listen deeply, align with that which is greater than you. Let your body, mind, heart and very being, be touched by this once in a lifetime event today.

Thanks Pamela Hawkins for posting this Ansel Adams picture!

In-Joy and with Ease,


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