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Could that be the name of my next book? 

When I was younger I was called to step out of what I knew and what was expected of me into something else. When I was older, I was called, many times – to leave marriages, to leave jobs, to step out of my comfort zone. Called to what? Exactly what, I’ve never been sure, but always it was a step of faith, a leap into the unknown. The journey into your Essence and your Self and the journey of bringing that forth is an entry into the unknown.

What can you know? Only that which has come before, never that which is yet to come.

I’m called now, into another sacred pilgrimage. What it will bring, I have no idea. I have an intention, I have a plan, as much as my humanity would desire it and I’m completely and totally unattached to the outcome. The only thing that I know for sure is that I will have an experience.

Will I like it? Will it be easy? Will it bring me what I desire? I have no idea, only a trust, a sweet surrender into the unknown.

I was speaking with a dear friend and the phrase, “More will be revealed” came out of our mouths several times. So much that I knew I had to write about it. It might be the name of my next book, but we will see because, yes, you guessed it: More will be revealed.

In the past month, I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone and offering #40Days of Healing Energy for the World, I did a group Sacred Healing Session (I’m happy to send you the recording of that, just send me your mail and it will be on its way,) and I’m being bolder about some of the gifts that I have and use.

I am being called to a new level of authenticity, of bringing my healing gifts to the world, to embracing my Goddessy self, remembering my Priestess work and to a deeper unveiling of my Essence. I don’t know exactly how it will unfold as it relates to my work, but I can feel it forming. I can feel it coming.

In early May, I’m heading off on a spiritual pilgrimage to spend two weeks with John of God, deep in the heart of Brazil. My husband is not going on this trip, so I feel like I’m going alone, even though I’ll be with a group.

I’m preparing for something. I’m being stripped clean of all that no longer works (much of the way I’ve been doing business on Facebook, for one), beliefs, structures and the sense of “trying to make it happen”.

Last week we moved after spending almost six months in Phoenix, back to our home in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas and since then I’ve been in a deep unraveling process. Unraveling stress I didn’t even know I was carrying, unraveling a constriction I didn’t know what there. Unraveling that leads to deep relaxation and lots of rest. I don’t have much on my calendar for the next couple of weeks as I head into my pilgrimage and that feels good.

I don’t have much on my calendar when I return and that feels curious. I’m surrendering (or unraveling) into a deep place of quiet and trust. One that is familiar, but long lost. I can feel a remembrance of a longing to traverse the world, the planet and my spirituality with new wings and in that I’m letting go.

What will it look like?  I’m not sure – More Will Be Revealed.

I say I have nothing on the calendar, but here are the few opportunities coming up this summer. Mark your calendars and stay tuned!

I have opened up a new version of my signature program: Awaken – A 12 Week Journey of Unearthing Your Most Authentic Self – More Information here. This will begin in late May or early June, as the group is formed. I’m looking for 5-6 people who are willing to dive deep, to discover the deeper aspects of themselves in a 12 -week format.  I imagine that this will become my primary program and for this session, I’ll be doing beta-testing, which means, discovering what works best in the virtual format, how you respond and I’ll be asking for feedback.

For you – my loyal readers – for a select 5 or 6 – I’m offering a low, low price of 4 installments of $250. That’s about 1/3 of the regular retail pricing.

Reply to this email if you are curious, intrigued, interested and we can set up a call to discuss details.

I’m also feeling called to offer another Women’s Retreat in July. This one will be in Hot Springs Village, AR. Feel into a deep, replenishing, restoring, reconnecting weekend with sacred sisters.  Oh my, that feels good!  Does it to you?  If so, let me know and you’ll be the first to be invited!

Summer session of the Prosperity Plus Program will begin May 31!  Information This is for anyone who is wanting to experience a greater abundance and flow of Divine energy, finances, health, relationships, vocation or time! This is a structured teaching program of life mastery principles and support.  What would you love is the foundational question. What would you love???  Not sure? More will be revealed, if you step into this transformational and fun, expansive teachings. Many people take this course repeatedly over time and achieved expanded and exponential results.

All in all – More will be Revealed!

Feel free to message me, reply to this email or otherwise let me know what you are interested in!

In-Joy and With Ease,


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