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Missing Church??? |

It’s Sunday morning and I’m not in church. It’s still a little weird to me, but I sort of like it.

After 16 years of Church being my job, and an additional previous 6 when I was preparing to get to and through seminary, it’s nice to have a quiet Sunday morning.

What I do miss though, is the community, the consistency, the weekly connections and actually the preparations too.

If you were in church this morning, in what ways did it feed you? How were you inspired, or connected or why did you go? What do you get out of going?

If you weren’t in church this morning, what did you miss? How have you “replaced” church if you used to go and no longer attend on a regular basis?

Since being a minister for so long, it’s weird to attend. You’d think I would love it, but I don’t really. So we don’t go. Yet my heart yearns…  My heart longs for…  Something…

I’m in the question about how to re-create that without “taking a job”. I’m seeking like-minded people who want to join together for an hour a week, for inspiration and community on a consistent basis. I’m seeking those that are already there in consciousness with me and those who are a few steps behind and even a few steps ahead.

Who’s interested? What might it look like for you? Let’s heart-storm some possibilities.

A few weeks ago, I was guest speaker at Unity of Little Rock, AR (you can watch my talk here.)  and was so pleasantly surprised when they opened with one of my favorite all time songs, Come on In. In fact, when I was ministering at Unity Center in Austin, TX, we used this as our opening song for years. I had a little dance and body movements. It brought back such great memories.

I share it with you here, for fun, for invitation.  By the way, they are a traditional Christian band and use words like “The Father” and “Jesus”. In our Unity manner, we substituted the word “Spirit” for both of those.

I’m thinking it might be my theme song again.  Come on in. You are loved, you belong here now. No matter where you’ve been, you belong here. Welcome home. Come in and join the growing community of the Falling Into Ease Facebook Group. Purchase the book here.

If your heart is yearning today, if you are longing; if you are unsettled or hurting in any way, reach out! You are not alone, you do belong. There are many who love you, including me! I’ve opened up a few spaces in my 1:1 private programs for the year end – if you are interested, contact me, we can chat!

In-Joy and With Ease,


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