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Meet Aliza

It was my lifelong dream to be a minister of a thriving church, guiding people to better, easier lives.  My dreams had come true.  I was leading a church committed to “The Transformation Experience”, a journey of deep, conscious awakening, I was in love and everything was peachy.

Then one day, I woke up and everything wasn’t so much peachy, but more a luke-warm grey, nothing was particularly wrong, but nothing felt great either.  Have you ever had a day (or year) like that?

I thought, that’s interesting, but kept on keeping on with life as it was presenting itself.   Within a couple of months, I felt such a deeply divine discontentment that shook me to my core.  It was Spirit calling me, once again, to more – more connection, more Spirit, more Truth.

I had a mystical experience that shook my boots; my heart exploded and burst wide open.   I had gone to an event, without knowing what it was going to be, and was led in a guided meditation to a place I’d never touched before.  As my heart was being exploded, I was taken into the outer edges of Creation.  I was pulled apart and put back together again  – it felt like my DNA had been rearranged in my body.

To experience the edges of Creation, to be permeated and penetrated with pure Love as Spirit, changed me at depths.  To become Light and Love as the core of who I am, was shattering to my personality and ego. It was profound and cosmic.  It turned my life upside down and inside out and led me on a journey of deeper discovery and awakening. 

If you’ve been on your own spiritual journey, you might know what has to happen next.  Everything changes.  Sometimes subtly, sometimes fast.

Everything had to go, from the current ministry and current relationship to old familiar thoughts, beliefs, patterns and foundations for being. Everything was up for change. Surrender and release became the work and the practice and nothing was exempt. I had discovered a profound experience of that which I’d been teaching and preaching about for the past decade – and it changed me at depths. I learned (and continue to learn) the deeper levels and meanings of surrender and trust.

A little back story.  In the mid-90s, I found myself “on my knees”, with my life falling apart around me.  I had an experience of complete and total surrender, proclaiming to God/Spirit that from that moment forward, I put my life in the hands of something greater than me.  That I would walk through any door that opened, that I would follow my higher guidance to the best of my ability and that I would listen and take action.

This surrender quickly led me out of a bad relationship, across country (yet again), with my two young children and into a calling to ministry.  Following the doors that opened, I was ordained a Unity Minister in 2000 and had been serving ministries since then.

Now, fast forward once again to 2010.  As my heart cracked open once again, I realized that everything I’d been preaching and teaching for the past 10 years was only part of the story.

Can you imagine my sheer terror in waking up one day and realizing that I had to let go of everything familiar to me; everything I had, everything I thought I believed. It was both terrifying and exhilarating.

Within a few short months, always listening deeply to Spirit, I packed up a few things into my car and set off on what I thought was a 3 month sabbatical.  I quit my job, left my professional association, ended my relationship and went out on a pilgrimage of Spirit.

Are you willing to serve creation?  This was the question that was being asked in my soul.  YES, Of Course!  Then you will be asked to surrender everything unlike love.  OK – I’m game.

What I didn’t realize, is what that statement meant.  I took a deep dive into the core of my soul, the depths of my consciousness and into the source of creation. I was asked to surrender not only my material things – my home and belongings but also my beliefs, foundations and emotions, even.

Did you know that releasing old emotional patterns can free you in ways you can’t imagine?  Releasing anger, fear, guilt, shame and resentments frees the consciousness to live in love, peace and joy with a calm ease that passes all understanding.

Releasing old stories, belief systems and ways of thinking about the world, frees you to See with new eyes, it creates space in your being for your deepest dreams and desires to come true.  The pay off has been freedom – freedom from pain and suffering, from struggle and limitation; from anger and fear; freedom from patterning and race consciousness.

The long story short, I entered into a new way of living – one of freedom and fulfillment.  One of being present in the moment to all that is.   The inner work that I did was hard work, it was a long journey. By the way, my three-month sabbatical turned into well over a year in my car – home-free, job-free, completely focused on my awakening and spiritual journey.

Now, I live the life of my dreams.  I’m married to the love of my life, I get to travel (we’ve gone to Hawaii, St Croix, Virgin Islands and Bali in less than a year), I play with my grandbabies every few months for days at a time.  I get to take adventures and expand my horizons every day.  I guide people into the freedom and peace that they desire and deserve.

Now, I can guide You with a unique signature system to:

  • Quickly, easily and gently release life-long limiting patterns and beliefs
  • Discover what makes your heart sing and identifying your soul’s dreams
  • Freeing you to Be all that you are here to Be

I take a stand for YOU!   For you to bring forth your Truest Self and Live the Life of Your dreams!

Life is meant to be good.  Life is meant to be easy and fun.  Life is meant to be a grand adventure or nothing at all.

A Bit More on the Personal Side:

My husband, Rob, and I love to travel, play, dance and have adventures in life. Together, we have seven children and 14 grandchildren.  Nine of them are 8 years old and younger!

Our motto is: Life is Good!  (This is a picture from our recent adventure in Bali!)

This year alone, we traveled to St. Croix, Virgin Islands, Hawaii and Bali.  How is great is that?  Not to mention all the places within the states.

We spend much of the year in Arizona, soaking up the sun, enjoying all life has to offer.

Join Me!  Join us, the tribe of Divine Awakeners! Join us in the Divine Awakening of your higher heart and of the planet! Join us in the journey, the discovery and the joy of Creation!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On the Professional Side:

Touching Hearts, Freeing Souls and Transforming Lives – It’s what I do.  

I am passionate about inspiring others to step into their divine potential, to have an easier and more fulfilling life.

Ordained as a Unity Minister in 2000,  I have been involved in Unity Worldwide Ministry Teams, including: Licensing & Ordination, Admissions, Transformation Experience, Enlightened Leadership, and Spiritual Renewal.  I served on the South Central of Unity Churches Regional Board for three years as President and Secretary.   For seven years, I taught at Unity Village World Headquarters as adjunct faculty in the Spiritual Education and Enrichment Program, worked in the retreat department and as a volunteer in the Silent Unity prayer ministry.

I am Founder and CEO of Divine Awakening, a 501c3, alternative ministry of the Unity Worldwide Ministries, dedicated to the transformation of the planet, one soul awakening at a time.  I offer my signature programs:  Awaken – a 12 Week Journey to Unearthing Your Authentic Essence; Breakthrough Facilitation; the SHIFT Process; Open Heart Meditation in a variety of formats, including but not limited to private sessions, group workshops, retreats, and virtual programs.

I have a BS in Business Administration from Colorado State University.  Prior to ministry I had careers as a computer analyst/programmer, administrator, and licensed massage therapist.  I share my life with my husband, Unity Minister, Rev. Rob Robinson.  Together we have 7 grown children and 14 grandchildren.

I am available for Corporate and Ministerial KeyNote Speaking, Retreat Facilitation and Trainings as well as Group Programs and One-on-One sessions as found on this website. Simply click through the Contact Us page and send a request.