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My coach, Therese Skelly has recently challenged me in a way that has me thinking (like coaches like to do… 🙂 ) So, I’m looking at the next week as a journey and I’ll be sharing it with you.

Tomorrow Rob and I are heading out to Kansas City. We will stop in at the Independent Alliance of Ministers in Unity conference, just long enough to give and receive hugs from a few of our friends.  He will be then heading out for his 50 Year High School Class Reunion. (That’s just weird to me, because I think he’s about 50 years old. Ha! 🙂 )

I will be facilitating a retreat – with my dear long time, Priestess sister, friend, Pam Hawkins on Friday through the weekend.  Due to unforeseen circumstances one of our attendees has had to cancel – so guess what???  That’s the good news for YOU-
Were you thinking about it, but it just didn’t quite work?  Sometimes it is the very last minute openings that jump out and grab us!  If you are the one to fill the newly opened spot – CONTACT ME!!!   There is still time to get you in!    Retreat Page.

Back to the Journey – I’m going to be documenting my travels and my memories, giving you an inside glimpse into my life as a Unity person from the first moment I stepped onto the Unity Village Grounds – all the way up to now. Present Time.

The very first time I was at Unity Village was in the summer of 1994. I attended a retreat with my good friend, Mary Lou Flores. There we were transformed; there we were inspired; there we met life-time friends.

One of the things that happened in that first journey was a mystical, magical experience for me. I was sitting in the Peace Chapel and received a download of my Ordination Service. Mind you at the time, I didn’t have a thought, or even a glimmer of an impulse about becoming a minister – that was NOT in my world in any way, shape or form.

However, there it was. Complete. As if it was done. I mentioned this to my small group member and they all said, “Well, yeah. Of course. We see that.”  That floored me almost as much as the original experience did.

And the rest is history, as we like to say.  I’ll be sharing more about that moment and the resulting process over the next few weeks. So, be watching on facebook for the LIVE videos – all of which will be available on my facebook timeline.

It is no wonder that I’m being in memory as I step into the next level of my Beingness and what I’m bringing to the world, that I return to my roots in facilitating a retreat, similar to the one I attended some 22 years ago.

Stay Tuned!

In-Joy and With Ease,


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