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Looking for Your Sister Tribe? |

Are you feeling alone?  Searching for the way to “come out” into all you know you are meant to be? Craving mutual support and collaboration even?  Yearning for a circle of women to share and grow and play with?

We are calling in twelve women for a transformational experience and journey of becoming and expressing.  Awakening the Priestess Essence, a 9 month psycho-spiritual process of awakening and emerging.

Join now for this life-changing journey!

Psycho-spiritual, quantum clearing, archetypes, living ceremony are the foundation for this journey.  We meet six weekends over nine months, diving deep and emerging the deepest essence of our souls.

The circle is being formed now, the size is limited.  If you are intrigued or interested, contact me now for your application!  Click HERE for more information

Call to Action:  Call 816-284-7579 or email [email protected] to be considered.

Details of the program are found here. 

Meeting six times over nine months; Friday evenings 7-10 and Saturdays 9-6.


  • February 26-27 – Orientation, Moon Stories
  • April 1-2 – Foot Washing and Initiation
  • May 20-21 – Telling our Stories
  • July 15-16 – Archetypes and Sacred Marriage
  • September 16-17 – Death and ReBirth
  • November 11-12 – Integration and Emergence

CLICK Here for more information.

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