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I am so incredibly blessed. Someday I just sit in wonder and awe at how m life is.  Today, I sit in a beautiful condo on the island of Galveston, TX, our patio loo over a small lake and then the ocean.

One week ago yesterday, we moved out of our lake home in the Dallas area and turned it over to a family who lost their home in the tornados.  They were in need and we could help.

I drove off to Kansas City to spend a few days with my daughter and her family, the four grands all under six, and even spent an afternoon with one of my best longtime friends.  Then I drove two days to Lafayette, Louisiana to pick up Rob and spend time with his two daughters, their husbands and three more grands.

Yesterday we took off from Louisiana, not quite sure where we would go.  We ended up here in Galveston, at the beach.  We’ll spend this week, then fly out with a group to Dubai and Bali for two weeks.

Turns out this is the beginning of Marde Gras, so we’ll have plenty of entertainment.

My life is filled with freedom, ease and new adventures.  My life is amazing.  The things that we are abel tod floor me.  This year alone we did a couple of weeks in St. Crois, Virgin Islands, Hawaii and now Bali.

How does this happen, you might be asking?  Right about one year ago, I began again teaching the principles of prosperity through the system that Mary Morrissey has developed, called Prosperity Plus! A New Way of Living and Harnessing Your Invisible Power.  One core foundation is to live in the question:  What would I love?  Play in it, take into n, move your vibrational frequency from where it is to where you want it to be.

Do it consistently and diligently.  What are the qualities you most desire and value?  Begin to put them into your life now.  Focus your attention on raising your frequency to include that which you would love.   Stay in the greater question without attachment and feel your life expanding.

Last June, while at our annual conference, I came upon a brochure for a Spiritual Pilgrimage to Bali le by my friends and colleagues, Mary Morrissey and Howard Caesar.  I knew I was going, it was an instant knowing.  Oh this is mine to do!  I so want to go!

Because of a number of reasons and life situations, we did not decide to go.  I was ok with that, although I kept it in my visioning, that program that runs behind the scenes, with no attachment, only a knowing.  I was totally ok, to not go this time, but knew without a doubt that I would be on another trip!  I never let the vision go, I only let the attachment go.

It popped up a few times in consciousness and conversation.  We knew that the trip was sold out and that there was a long waiting list.  I had no angst about it, I had no attachment.

Then at Christmas time, my amazing husband caught a bug about wanting to go and surprising me with the trip.  Through a long list of seeming obstacles he maneuvered with ease, being at the right place in the right moment.  On Christmas morning he floored me with the trip!  One week from today, we fly!

How did it happen?  A vision held in mind with no attachment, produces after its kind.

What would you love?  Step into the question and play.  Open your mind to possibilities, even unimaginable.  Do you want some support in stepping into your dreams?

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If you choose to work individually, we will do two things!  First, we will identify your dream, your vision, what you would love.  Then we would gently, quickly and easily dissolve the life-long limiting patterns and invisible glass ceiling that keeps you stuck so you can step with clarity, confidence and a clear pathway to living the life you long for!

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