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It's Time to Connect with Your Soul! |

“365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul” Launches Today! 

Today is the day and we are beyond thrilled.  Thanks to Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck, over 200 amazing and really cool folks joined together in collaboration to create this gem.

It is a daily reader – each day a short essay, mostly personalized stories of ways to connect with your soul.

Connecting with your soul is the number one, key pathway to finding peace, wisdom, joy, purpose, passion, fun and love!

Our Soul is the essence of ourselves.  It is always there, always present and ever available.  We often don’t find it only because we are caught up in our heads, minds and the busyness of life.

If you’ve ever wanted to connect – buy this book!

If you’ve been challenged in connecting with the deeper wisdom of your heart – buy this book!

It makes a beautiful gift for yourself and your friends and family.

Whatever you do – find a way to connect with your own Soul.



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