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Is what you see on the surface real? |

The reflection on the water was pure. It was pristine. The trees were as vivid in the

reflection as they were in life.20180606_075543-e1528499518418-225x300-8754734

It was early morning and the sun was bright; the water smooth as silk; crystal clear and like glass.

I was on the kayak, about to meet the neighbor “ladies of the cove” for our regularly scheduled kayak adventure.

The air was warm, but not too warm. The sun was early, but was going to be hot in a few hours. The birds were singing – too many to recognize, the choir of early morning, let’s get the day going melodies.

Enjoy this short video I recorded from the kayak!

The reflections on the water were a perfect representation of the land above. The trees, the homes, the sky even. When the outer water is still, it is easy to recognize the images as perfect reflection.

When the water is rough, however, it can be harder to see. So why does that matter?

In life, as in our world; what we see in the outer world is a perfect reflection of what is going on in the inner world.

When the outer reflection is pure and pristine, like it is on the lake when the sun is right and the water smooth, that indicates that the inner life is also pure and smooth. That there is a connection to a greater wisdom; a greater love and all is well.

However, if your outer reflection is bumpy, rough or inconsistent, there may be a few reasons.

Reason #1 – your inner world might be a bit chaotic. You may be worrying or fretting over something. You might think it is because of the outer that you are fretting, but really, when you get honest and clear, you still have choice over your thoughts.

HINT – I remember a time when my mother was in the hospital, with a brain thing; – my waters were very chaotic. I held myself together for my father, but when I went home at night, I crashed. I could not find my center nor breathe through the emotional storm I was living. So, I reached out and called my colleagues and support system. The were able to see the calm, at the end of the storm and carry me through it.

You may remember an outer life challenge that you sailed through. Every outer life challenge does not have to be a storm. When you are centered, anchored and in a place of connection and peace, it is possible to walk through great challenges with a fair amount of ease.

Reason #2 – the surface of your inner world might be experiencing a storm. The winds of fear might be blowing, the winds of change; there might be rain or clouds. When there is an outer storm, it does not always represent directly the inner world. Contrary to Reason #1 – Paradoxical, actually – just because there is a storm doesn’t mean there is anything wrong.

HINT – If you want to know more about Paradox, check out my new book, Paradox of Awakening.

In keeping with our lake analogy – sometimes it is simply good to sit back and watch a thunderstorm roll through. It often can clear the air; refresh the atmosphere and can be fun to watch and listen too – especially from the dry comfort of your sun room.

Reason #3 – You may be in a growth spurt. We are ever evolving beings and with growth, comes release and surrender. It has to happen to make room for the new. When there is resistance to letting go; the waters can become rough again.

HINT –  With growth comes chaos – it has to be. Hold on, let go and get support! I’m happy to support your awakening growth! Schedule a complimentary call here. 

So, in keeping this as a part of the #SpiritualSnippets series, I’ll end now with a question:

When and what was a time in your life that the reflection you saw was an indicator for change; and how did you recognize it?

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