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Is it the End, or the Beginning? |

On this 20th day of January 2017, we are in for a change.

Photo Credit, Unsplash.com, Anton Repponen

It is inauguration day. There is a new beginning, an introduction of a new foundation, system and structure in our government.https://unsplash.com/?photo=wxxAx26SXys

I feel fearful, angry, disgusted, disillusioned and baffled by what appears to be happening. I’m aware also of feelings of discouragement, unease, and troubled. That’s a lot of feelings to be processing.

I’m good at processing feelings, it is the work that I offer it the world, but wow – when I think about the millions of people who are not good at processing feelings or digging deeper, that frightened and disturbs me.

When I think about the people who are potentially at risk of something, loss of rights, loss of the progress we’ve made in recent years; frightened to leave their homes; when I think about the judgment and discrimination that appears to be heightening, I am appalled.

I want to weep for what it looks like is happening in our country today. I give myself permission to weep and then I stand again. I wipe away the tears and go deeper. What is going on at a deeper level?

There are many who say this is the bringing the darkness up so it can come into the light (think star wars); or that our system was rigged by something or someone outside of our country (or within it); or this is the hidden consciousness of a great majority of people (I can’t believe that).

Yes, I know some of you who are reading this are fans and voters of our new president. I honor you and the opinions you hold, but frankly, I do not understand. I cannot get my head around that as a possibility.

Last night on the news we saw that our new president has a favorable rating by 30% of the American people. Holy Cow – that’s low!  Anyway, I digress.

What I really want to explore for me and for us is what is under the feelings that we are having. If we know that there is nothing and no one against us; that the Universe conspires in our favor; then what’s up with all the fear and anger? Are we, the light workers falling into a victim role? The place that we have for decades removed ourselves from? (I do know this as one of my foundational spiritual principles, one that I base my life on;  “There is nothing and no one against me,” without a doubt – so what gives?)

When I’m caught in a feeling that won’t let me go; that does not want to move I look deeper. What is my basic fundamental need that is not being met?  (I use the Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg model to explore Feelings and Needs)

It’s easy to get fearful or angry or a myriad of other emotions that are flying across our country right now, but let’s back off for a moment and take a deeper look. There are primary and fundamental Universal needs.

The needs that I’m yearning for and not currently experiencing in relation to the events of today are: Honesty, Safety,

Photo credit Unsplash.com, Tim Marshall

Love, Freedom, Understanding, Community and Meaning. The only ones that are not being pushed into for me right now are physical survival (and I’m sure that some of my friends are being triggered by this one too,) and recreation.

If I’m anywhere typical – that’s a lot of unmet needs floating around our country right now.

For the purpose of this writing, let’s take one universal need – I’m going with honesty. (If you would like assistance in working through your experience, message me and we can chat.)  Here’s how it goes, basically.

When I think about the new president taking actions blatantly across the board that threaten our culture, I feel baffled and afraid. When I hear statements coming out of his mouth that directly contradict what he’s said before, I feel angry. What I need is honesty, community and love. And so my request is for our president to consider love, to be consistent in his speaking and actions and to consider us, the people.

Since it is likely that our new president will not honor my request, I get to take it deeper into me. Using the work of Byron Katie can I turn this around? I need to consider love, be consistent in my speaking and action and to consider us, the people. I get to take a stand for meeting my own need of honesty, community and love. What can I do today to increase the experience of honesty, community and love in my life and in the world.

What are you missing? What do you need?  How can we stand together to create an environment for each person on the planet and in this country to have his/her needs met? Where can you be a stand for all? How can you positively impact your own community? What can you do today to make this world a better place?

Me? I’m taking a solemn oath; one that my friend and colleague, Rev. Michelle Wittington wrote and Ray Madaghiele posted.

   “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of an Awakened Being blessed to live in the United States, and will, to the best of my ability, stand for Love, Light, and Truth, for cooperation among all for the highest good of all and for stewardship of planet earth.”

Will you join me? Being in the Office of an Awakened Being includes feeling all of our feelings, and taking action based on Love, Light and Truth.

What will you do today? Me? I’m taking a stand for myself and for all of humanity. I stand for, never against, Truth, for compassion, for kindness, for equality. I do it in the microcosm of my own world and in the macrocosm of our country and our world.

I find myself singing this famous song by Michael Jackson, Heal the World. I love this version because of the kids singing it.

Will you join me?  Please share this piece, the Oath, the song – anything. Let’s join together to make it a better place; for you and for me and for the entire human race.

In-Joy and With Ease,


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