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Independence Day Weekend 2020 |

It’s Independence Day in the US –

We are free – or are we?

It feels more like we’re in a prison of the old – the old systems, the pandemic, the racial inequities, the fighting amongst ourselves.

What if we discovered the Inner Freedom – yet again – what would that look like, feel like, be like?

I reckon – Inner Freedom comes from Unity, Oneness and Allness- not fighting from. Can you drop the fighting today?

Fighting… I’m not fighting, I hear you say.

Really? Take a look around at the world you see? Take a look around inside that beautiful mind of yours. Is there any resistance at all? To anything? Is there any judgement at all? For anyone or anything? Take a look, then look deeper.

We have the incredible opportunity to awaken, to be birthed into a New Humanity Now – but we can’t take resistance, defensiveness, judgement with us. It won’t go and neither will you, until we drop it all.

In the past, I would have suggested doing the process work to unravel and dismantle and dissolve the old hardwired patterns of resistance, judgment and fear. But today – I say – simply drop beneath it into stillness and from stillness allow your Being to be lifted into the NEW. Feel it, expand into it, Become it!

What? How? But… 

Join me there now…   For this moment right now, drop all your resistance and allow your energy and awareness to drop down into your feet and from your feet into the Earth. Feel that? A deep letting go, a relaxation of body, mind and heart.

Then from the core of the earth and the core of your being feel your awareness being lifted – straight up like a beacon. Lift, lift, lift and look up.  See with new eyes, a landscape of the new – a landscape based in love, not fear; in collaboration, not competition; in innovation and beauty; in kindness and compassion. Become that!

Lift it again and again and again; the gift it to the Universe. Give it away. Feel the expansive, opening in the gifting. Then it comes back, from the wave out to the particles returning to bless you. Feel the sparkles, the glitter, the electrified particles moving in and through your being. Feel it. Receive it. What is it? Freedom? Inspiration? Love?

Let this energy frequency be our Freedom and our independence which is really inter-dependence. I see a new world coming. I see it now. I claim it and co-create it and design a world that works for all in New Humanity Now

Today, this weekend, let’s do this over and over again – sending, beaming, expanding, gifting LOVE to the planet, to our country to all people now and forever more! Will you join us?

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