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Impact of the Eclipse |

In the United States of America this week, we experienced a phenomenon, an event of the century. We had a full solar eclipse that crossed the entire country. The last one like this was 99 years ago, think about that! Starting off the coast of Oregon and traversing the continent all the way to South Carolina and into the Atlantic Ocean.

There have been many things written and contemplated about this event and how it is impacting us on many levels. I was impacted personally and spiritually in profound ways that are yet unfolding.

My husband and I went out onto our lake in our kayaks with a small box – our hand-made viewer, with an expectation and an openness to experience whatever came. There was an energy, a feeling of anticipation. Like in the movies when something big is about to happen, you can feel it coming. It was like that.

It was a cloudy day, hot and humid day, but we had high hopes that the clouds would clear and they did. We talked about what this might be; how it might impact us and we spent time simply in the silence receiving the energies of love and light.

The event was amazing, our little handmade viewer was ok. We were gifted official viewing glasses by some boaters who saw us drifting close to them. That was so amazing. What we noticed during the fullness of the event was not that it got dark where we were, and not that the animal sounds changed, but that it was significantly cooler. It likely dropped 10 degrees for about 30 minutes or so. That was crazy. And yes, the temperature was back up before we left the lake!

Afterwards, in the day and following days, I was thinking about the impact and I noticed a few things I want to address.

First, the entire country was looking up at the same time.  The collective was looking up at the same time. Looking up is a technique that I use often with my clients.

When we get bogged down in something, when we get tunnel vision about an issue or problem or even when our mind gets loopy, one very quick and effective technique is to look up. To shift your focus from small to large; look to the sky and gain a new perspective; look up to see new possibilities; to free your mind; to expand your awareness. This impacts us mentally, but it also impacts the physical body. So often when we are stressed our physical bodies are folded into themselves; we are hunched over our keyboards, shoulders in our ears and rounded. Our posture is bad and our breathing strained.

The simple act of looking up causes a stretching of the entire body from your neck to your chest and shoulders. It opens the airways and the throat chakra, which is about the power of voice and speaking your truth. Look up now and feel the stretch all the way down your back. Open your shoulders and chest and lean into it. Become aware of the lengthening of your torso, which gives relief to all the belly organs and beyond.

On a mental level, when we raise our sight from the problem, we are more apt to discover a solution. When we interrupt the mental looping, there is room for new ideas to enter.

Spiritually, when we look up, we connect to that which is greater than us; call it God, Creation, Source, the Universe; or call it the Sky or the sun, or moon or stars. Whatever it is, when we make connection to something grand outside of ourselves, we are lifted into new awareness and new consciousness. If we consciously make this connection we can be lifted to new vibrations, frequencies and even dimensions.

The fact that so many Americans were looking up on this moment in time, is significant! Looking away from all the problems, the whining, the complaining, the issues of our country at something so much greater than us, the solar eclipse, is truly impactful, even if most of them don’t have any awareness of it.

Could our country use a little lifting up right about now? Of course, and collectively we looked together.

A second, yet similar realization I had was that we had a collective Shared Experience. Think about times of great trauma, tragic events and how we come together as a people in love and support. 9-11 comes to mind. This week, we came together in a shared experience of looking up, of this natural, cosmic event. We have a shared consciousness around it. We joined with neighbors and strangers sharing our awe and wonder, sharing our glasses and our experiences. Can you feel how profound this is – even if we didn’t notice it at the time? We were consciously connected across the planet, and indeed across the globe.

Our hearts and minds were together on this moment. Collectively when we share an experience, we are more aware of our bonds, of our connection.

In an article I wrote,  “Musings about the Eclipse” –  I explored ideas about the Sun and Moon, and the portal that was being created by the feminine covering the masculine here, and about the eclipse being a cleansing breath.

To me, the experience was a portal to a new possibility, a new dimension of consciousness. When I was in Brazil last May, I entered a new dimension, I had the literal, visceral experience of living in a different dimension for a couple of weeks. This felt like a portal available to anyone and everyone who was aligned with a new possibility; who is aligned with a new world; one of love, light, joy and peace for all people. It sounds like new-age mumbo jumbo, but I’ve experienced it as real. More real in fact than the reality we live in daily. (I’m taking a group to Brazil in May, info here)

I was basking in these vibrations, enjoying a moment of peace and exploration of all the photos people were sharing when I came across this video by Nasa.  The opening sentence was “the viewing of the eclipse was out of this world”. They meant literally, it was a recording of the entire event across our country from satellite. Watch it here:

The eclipse as a satellite saw it

This brought me to another layer of processing. It was totally cool, much larger than I realized and profound to witness from above. What impacted me in this video, however was the darkness. It felt like a sci-fi film where the darkness had form, albeit vaporous and amorphous form, it moved across the earth, darkening everything as it traversed the continent.

It was similar to the opening lines of Genesis: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

Sort of.  It was like this deep, dark, emptiness hovering over our country, spreading, moving. It was like it had a life of its own. I had a couple of thoughts – one it was gathering all the darkness of humanity into its arms and in its wake, was more light; a lightness of spirit; of humanity. Watch it again and notice how the light returns and even gets apparently brighter as the darkness passes.

Or, maybe it is representing the darkness that is seeping through our country in deeply disturbing ways. Even so, the light will return, and become even brighter. It takes all of us to do so.

The video disturbed me in ways that I’m not sure I can even put words on. Even as I speak about the Moon, the feminine, as dark, it is deep and creative; the womb of creation; the depths of soil that allow a seed to sprout. (Read my article, here.)

What I know to be true is this:

Something happened this week that was cosmic and profound. We can allow ourselves to be positively impacted by this event or we can go right back to sleep and continue our ways.

My hope, my call, my commitment is to support all who are ready and willing to continue to Awaken, to use the energies available this week and beyond to catapult an awakening of spirit, to connect to that which is greater than us and to come into alignment with more love, more light.

Our world needs us now. Our country needs us now. We are being supported by On High, by the heavens and the earth; by the sun and the moon and so much more to awaken great-sky-brady-bellini-191086-150x150-9312498into a greater awareness of who we are and who we are here to be.

We are spiritual beings, awakening to a greater truth that we are One, that life can be richer, juicier and more fulfilling that perhaps it has been. We are here to discover and bring forth our deepest Essence and that will be profound.

Imagine a world where everyone knew their value, their worth; where there was only love and light; where all know our Oneness with each other and the planet.

Imagine a day of awakening when the moon blocks out the sun for a moment in time, opening portals to the rise of the Divine Feminine; that of love, compassion, kindness; nurturing, nourishing and connection. Deep connection to all that is and infinite possibilities.

Imagine that day. Oh, it just happened. Now what are you going to do with it?

In-Joy and with Ease,

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