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I Want to Dance! |

The Power of Dance.

I used to dance every day.  Years ago when my children were young.  I would get the family out the door in the mornings, crank some music and dance my heart out.  Sometimes for an hour, if I had the time.   Other times, for only one or two songs.  I’m coming back into dance as a practice once again.

I love to dance with my husband and would do that every day if I could.  But what I’m talking about is singular, all alone, simply move your body dancing.

Why dance?  It’s good for my body (read, good for your body, too) it’s the funnest exercise I can think of.  It’s good for my mind – any time we can move our awareness from our heads and into our bodies, we give our minds a break.  It is good and powerful.  It’s good for my emotions.  Simply moving can help move emotions – whether they are up and alive o dormant and stuck, moving them frees us.  It’s good for my Spirit – giving me freedom and expansion.

Dance puts me back in touch with my femininity and my power.  It makes me vibrate, it triggers endorphins and oxytocin – the feel good chemicals in our systems.

Will you dance with me?  Will you join me in a daily practice of Dance?  Put on a song, stand up and DANCE!  Notice the power, notice what happens in your mind, heart, body and soul.

Then type a reply to this posting and let us know how you feel.  Join in the conversation!  Here’s a song to get you started.   Then post your favorite dance songs, too!

Whitney Houston’s  I Want to Dance with Somebody.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH3giaIzONA  (Of course, if you dance to this song, you get to be the somebody who loves you!  🙂 )

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