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Hungry for Feminine Qualities? |

Juicy – Creative – Collaborative – Expressive – Expansive – Supportive – Shadow – Authenticity – Vulnerability – Healing

These are all qualities that will be nurtured and nourished as we more fully activate the Divine Feminine through the archetype of the Priestess.

The Priestess archetype is a strong, empowered, self-expressed, powerful woman, a healer, creatrix, compassionate leader.  Think of Mary Magdalene fully embodied, equal partner to Jesus.

The world is changing and it is time to bring forth, to activate the feminine side of the Christ Consciousness, the spark of Divinity that we are.  It is time to bring it forth, not from a place of brokenness, or lack and limitation, but from the field of wholeness, of Oneness.

The Awakening the Priestess Essence will do just that.  We will be using activation, energy attunement and quantum clearing to bring forth the Essence of your inner Priestess, revealing that which is already there, resulting in clarity, confidence and a clear pathway to bring your gifts to the world.

We will be using sacred ritual, living ceremony in each weekend together as we cultivate the garden of awakening and transformation.  Are you called to join us?

The next circle is now forming.  Click here for more information.

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