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How To Remember When You Forget |

Are you forgetful in your life?  Do you lose your keys or eye glasses?  Is it hard to remember things?  Do you notice that you are often forgetting names or details or heaven forbid, appointments?

I’ve had some recent experience with that.  Since I left my fulltime position and I have lots of time on my hands, I keep double booking things and forgetting that I’ve done it.

As the world gets faster and busier – as our lives fly by it seems true for many of us.  But what we are really forgetting to remember, is the very most important thing!  What might that be, you ask?

God. Spirit. Beloved. Creation. Source. Love. That by whatever name works best for you is the most important thing.  And as a society we forget to remember.

How can I remember when I forget?  You might be asking.  Try this:  Feel your feet.  Take a breath. Look up.  Set the alarm on your phone every hour and take a few seconds or as much time as you can to remember you are part of something so much greater.  Feel the connection for a moment.  Remember to remember.  And when you forget, simply remember when you do and re-connect.

The magical thing is when we remember to remember, our connection to Spirit, our memory often returns or improves.  We don’t forget to remember quite as often as before.


Much love,