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Heart Based Meditation |

a foundational piece of the work of Divine Awakening.

Are you a person who is longing for a deeper heart experience?

Or have you tried meditation, but didn’t ever quite get your mind to quiet?

Perhaps you’ve meditated for years and need a boost in your practice.

Open Heart Meditation is powerful meditation work that supports deep clearing and releasing of old, embedded thoughts and patterns that are no longer serving you and your life purpose.

Through the practice of moving awareness into your “higher heart”, this profound meditation guides you into the experience of a “direct connect” with Spirit, yourself, and others, allowing new and unexpected messages and clearings to unfold.

Each workshop is implicitly different, attracting new and divinely gathered participants, each contributing their own unique experiences that resonate with new insight for all gathered.

Huge openings and revelations occur, amazing levels of healing happen, and each individual unlocks more of who they truly are and how they can fulfill new possibilities in their lives with greater understanding and peace.

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My experience with Open Heart Meditation was beyond words.  The closest I can come to expressing the experience is that you showed me a place of complete mental and spiritual balance.  Thank you.               J.S. Arlington, TX


My Open Heart Meditation Workshop with Aliza was such a powerful, Grace-filled one. Through her loving guidance I was able to dive deep into my spiritual heart for revelation, healing, and tender love. Such an exquisitely meaningful gift!   D.M. Austin, TX


I have been wanting to create a habit of meditating on a daily basis, and for some reason have not been able to do it. I know that going within is probably my number one priority but life has gotten in the way. I went to the Open Heart Meditation two nights ago. My experience was a verypleasant and peaceful one. Since then I have been able to go within and reconnect to that deep sense of peace. I am able to recommit to going within on a daily basis now. So simple and so sweet! Thank you Rev. Aliza for your dedication to this work and for sharing it!  J.M. Chandler, AZ