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Happy Thanksgiving! |

It’s Turkey Day and a day to remember gratitude.  Not that we shouldn’t remember to be grateful every day, but this is a day of collective thanksgiving.

What if we all – every American, and people across the globe truly dedicated a day to gratitude?  Not just a moment of grateful prayer, but really the entire day – no matter what is happening?  We could change the vibration of the entire planet, if we were serious.

Think about the oxymoron of Thanksgiving.  We typically gather with people we don’t always agree with, we stress over creating an amazing meal of way too much food, getting all the aspects to come together at once.  We eat too much and then we fuss over who is winning or losing the games on TV.  Or we drop into depression and despair because we don’t have the big family and find ourselves alone and lonely.

Does that sound like the perfect set up for gratitude?   Maybe.  Or maybe, it is the perfect set up for practicing gratitude no matter what!  One of my favorite mystics, Meister Eckhart, said: “If Thank You was the only prayer you ever uttered, it would be enough.”  Obviously simply saying the words isn’t enough, but moving into the experience and vibration is.

Gratitude and appreciation are two of the highest vibrations available to us.  And they are easily accessible with some focus.

Ask yourself the question:  What am I grateful for?  Then dive deep, look beyond the obvious and stick with it until you feel a shift in your being.

Then go to appreciation, a close but different vibe.  What can you bring appreciation to?  Again drop deep and look for the unexpected.
Bring gratitude and appreciation into our heart, breathe them and let them expand until you feel a physical shift.

This will slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and reconnect you to yourself and what is truly important.

Practice this throughout the day (and throughout your life) and see what subtle and profound changes happen.

Will you take the Gratitude and Appreciation Challenge with me?

Challenge:   Be in gratitude and appreciation throughout this day – no matter what! Trade out stress, frustration, judgment and reaction with Gratitude and Appreciation!

In Gratitude,

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