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Life is busy, we know it.

But do not forget or forego your quiet time. For it is in the quiet of your soul that you are fed, nourishing and inspired.

The tendency in today’s world to work too hard, to run too fast and to try to jam too many things into a simple day.

Let go. Let it be. Take time for yourself. Take time, like the Native Americans say for your soul to catch up with your body. Relax.

Build into your day time for silence. Not just quiet on the outer, but enough time for your mind to slow its spin, for your heart to let down its guard and for your Being to find relief.

This is the most crucial think you can do for yourself and for humanity. For you cannot listen deeply when you are focused on the chaos. You cannot be divinely guided when you don’t get your mind out of the way. You cannot be in Love when you are filled with stress and worry.

Take time to breathe. Right now. Set the alarm on your phone or better yet, install an app with a mind bell chime to draw your attention each hour back to yourself. Take even 68 seconds to breath into your body, to look outside your projects and to bask in the glory of who you are and this amazing beautiful planet you live on.

A natural outcome of quiet time is greater wisdom, deeper clarity and the feeling of gratitude and appreciation. Take a few more seconds to bask here in this energy. This is what is important on the planet. Everything else, all action that stems from this place of quiet, gratitude and connection is going to be much more effective than anything coming from the frenetic, chaotic, busy-ness of the outer world.

Give yourself this gift today.

In-Joy, With Ease and LAUGHTER,


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